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Home renovation completed by Bespoke Norfolk Group


Throughout the many years we have been in business, we have worked on so many amazing projects, from entirely new builds to single-storey extensions. Today, we’re focusing on renovations. 

More specifically, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at some of our favourite Bespoke Norfolk Group renovation projects. 

Let’s not leave you waiting any longer.



For this beautiful home in Hunstanton, we were brought onto the project with the mission of renovating this house to bring the heart of the home together, and to make better use of the space available. 

So how did we do that? We started by creating a large open-plan kitchen. This new kitchen had to have ample space to benefit the owner and their desire to install a centralised island. 

Kitchen renovations are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners for many reasons.

  • People want more space in their kitchen without having to move
  • As open-plan living becomes more popular, kitchen renovations have as well, as this is a great starting point to promote a new open-plan space 
  • People want to make their kitchens more unique, as opposed to focusing on functionality alone 

Back to this particular house refurbishment, now we had the new kitchen, we could start bringing more of this home together. To achieve this, we had the kitchen and diner area seamlessly transition to the newly created snug room. 

The work continued upstairs, where we installed a new bathroom and lovingly renovated the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom. 

The outside of the home was also treated with a refresh of the home’s entrance doorways. 



For this project, we were working with a holiday cottage to turn its outbuildings—that were only being used for storage—into extra accommodation space. 

So we got to work by turning the storage space into a beautiful living area that people would be happy to splash the cash to stay in for their Norfolk holiday. 

In this newly created space, we added a new double bedroom and lounge area with a bespoke kitchenette and a cosy en-suite bathroom. 

Small bathroom renovations can be tricky – with not much space to work with, how do you create a functional bathroom that looks great?

  • Storage space is essential to leave as much floor space available as possible. Use wall-hung cabinets, mirror cabinets and other unique storage features
  • Use bright and light colours in your design – this makes the room more reflective, creating an open and airy feel
  • Opt for installing a bathtub with a shower screen and fit the shower head over the bath. You get a bath and shower in your bathroom without using up double the space 

With the living space taken care of, we also helped our client out with some landscaping, by erecting modern slatted fencing, a patio and creating a space for guests to park their cars.  



This renovation project was part of the massive task of turning this dilapidated barn into a stunning countryside home. We planned to do this with an entire renovation and extension. 

Barn renovations have always been incredibly popular, and there’s no surprise why when you look at all the pros involved with such a project. 

  • Due to the layout and characteristics of a barn, when you convert a barn into a home, you can expect to benefit from incredibly high ceilings and stunningly large open rooms 
  • Barns are situated in rural locations, so if you’re searching for a countryside home that offers plenty of privacy, a barn renovation is perfect for you
  • Old barns that are no longer in use are given a new lease of life when they are renovated into a home, and that’s a great feeling

To achieve our goal of turning this barn into a home, a full renovation was needed to make it both liveable and attractive. 

We got to work creating a grand master bedroom with handy integrated wardrobes and a modern en-suite. Then, we added two more bedrooms and a separate bathroom, along with a sprawling kitchen diner space. 

From inside, and thanks to us lowering the surrounding brick wall, the home now benefits from captivating countryside views. 



Sometimes, Bespoke Norfolk Group is lucky enough to work on older properties, renovating them to be as functional and practical as they can be, while still highlighting their uniqueness and historical character. 

For this home renovation project, we were tasked with bringing a modern refurbishment to this railway station house. 

Renovated station house

What is a sympathetic renovation? It’s a home refurbishment of an older property which remains sympathetic to the home’s aged charm.

The client of this property wanted some modern interior renovation incorporated into the home, mixing old with new to create a brand-new feel and something that truly stands out. 


When dealing with older properties, you must be careful that your project violates no acts or restrictions that may have been placed on the property. 



Renovating a house is no simple task, but when you work with a construction company who have the experience in completing such tasks, it makes your home renovation project so much easier. 

If you still haven’t had your fill of home improvements, check out our earlier blog on the DIFFERENT TYPES OF RENOVATIONS.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of our best house renovations. We are so proud of the work we have done for our previous clients, so if you want to renovate your home, perhaps we could do the same for you. Speak to our team today. 

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