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Land Acquisition & Investments

Our position in the construction market, along with our incredible level of experience, makes us perfectly placed to assist you with land acquisition, residential development and property investments.

Residential development

If you have access to land and are looking to transform it into a residential development, Bespoke Norfolk Group are on hand to make your venture a success. With access to a whole network of expert architects, builders and designers, we can provide you with a start-to-finish service all the way from preliminary drawings to the finishing touches.

Sell your land

If you are a landowner looking to sell your lands, there’s two ways we can help. The first way is by agreeing our access to your land. From there, we can fund the planning, design and development of stunning, highly valuable properties. Your profit is made when a sale is secured on the property, at which point the money is split.
The second is undertaken by our sister company, Bespoke Estate Group. Through them, we’re able to buy your land for cash and undertake the development ourselves. This is a simple, quick way to make money from any land you might not have a need for.

Joint Investments:

Joint ventures are usually high end and offer the best financial returns available. When investing alongside us, we work to the highest level of transparency possible, offering regular communication and welcoming site visits for all investors.
All the key figures are available for you to see and discuss before and during any development, flip or retain deal. We will provide you with detailed site reports and updated draw-down sheets, which can be presented each month. You’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly what’s happening every step of the way.

A recent example of our land acquisition is the below project in South Wootton.
This was a section of a large garden which the owner wasn’t using. We obtained planning permission for a single dwelling, which ended up providing the owner with a substantial return on what was otherwise low-value garden land.

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