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As open plan living becomes more popular, more people are looking to extend their homes to fit around their lifestyles. Extending your property means you can stay in the house you love and benefit from adding extra space.

With all that being said, where do you even start when planning an extension? Will you need planning permission? Do I have permitted development rights? These are all valid questions that should be answered during your extension planning stage. 


The Planning Stage 

Nowadays, most extensions can be built under permitted development rights. This means you will not need to seek planning permission. Though, for your project to fall under permitted development rights, you will need to adhere to certain guidelines.

Detached properties can be extended with a single-storey extension by 8m to the rear. For semi-detached or terrace, it is 6m. A double extension can only be 3m.

Single-storey extensions cannot be higher than 4m on the ridge and the eaves. Also, the ridge height of the extension cannot be higher than the existing property.

With a two-storey extension, you must leave at least 7m from the rear boundary. 

The same/similar materials must be used in the building of the new extension to match the existing property. 

Extensions cannot go past the ‘building line’ of the property. Every property has building lines, where outside these specified distanced lines, no building or structure can be built. 

Even if your extension does not fall under permitted development rights, planning permission is not as much of a mountain to climb as it is made out to be. Most projects are approved for planning permission, without a problem.

The Professional Touch

Working with a reliable and professional construction company is the best way to guarantee the success of your extension. 

Should you choose to work with Bespoke Norfolk Group, we can help with every step of the process, including the planning. We work with the best in the industry to achieve the best level of planning for our clients.

Should you need it, we can have the plans drawn up for you by the experts. We will share our ideas and thoughts on how to achieve the goals you are looking for from your new extension. 

Every project needs a project manager to oversee everything, starting with the planning. Bespoke Norfolk Group will assign you your very own project manager who will provide your project with the care and attention it needs. 


Types of Extensions

There are many different types of extensions to choose from that offer different results. A kitchen extension will give you a larger kitchen space to improve family life. A two-storey extension could incorporate an extra bathroom and bedroom to your property, a great alternative to having to move to a bigger house. 

Bespoke Norfolk Group are extension experts, offering many different types to our clients: kitchen, kitchen diner, single-storey, two-storey, timber frame, bungalow, side or rear extension. 

Final Thoughts 

Many can be put off extending their property due to the planning stage and not knowing where to start. While that is perfectly understandable, it shouldn’t put you off achieving what you want from your property. 

Please feel free to contact us today and see how we can help you

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