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Here at Bespoke Norfolk Group, we talk a lot about architects and architecture and we have high praise for the amazing architects we work with. Though you may find yourself wondering how valuable an architect is and wondering whether or not you need one for your project, or an idea you have in mind. 

Architects are an immensely important piece of the puzzle when it comes to construction. Yet, there isn’t a law stating that anyone looking to improve or build, actually needs to hire an architect. So, how do you know when you need an architect? We’re going to do our best to make the answer to this question clearer. 



First of all, to understand when an architect is needed, we need to know exactly what an architect is and what they do. 

An architect plays a key role in any type of construction. They are responsible for the planning and designing of buildings and homes. To be an architect, you must understand the science behind building and have the skills to come up with the best way to bring a vision or idea to life. 

The list of jobs a single architect or architecture firm can have while undergoing a project gives a rough idea to their value. As well as designing a home, architects must also: consider health and safety, communicate with clients and contractors, incorporate fundamental details in their designs such as plumbing and electrics, translate ideas into drawings and documents, produce designs that will pass planning permission or will be accepted under permitted development rights and so much more. 


As we mentioned above, there is no law demanding you must employ an architect for your project. Some people commence with large scale works without one and, on the flip side, some people undertaking the smaller projects will seek help from an architect. 

While we recommend working with an architect, a general rule of thumb is to employ an architect when your project affects the structure and/or exterior of your home. So, projects like an extension, loft conversion, renovation and new build should be assisted by an architect. 


Bespoke Norfolk Group believes in the process of construction under one company. It’s the best way to see a building project is completed to the best possible standard while working to agreed budgets, timelines and scopes. 

Within our Design & Build package, we are able to offer architectural services as we work with some amazing architects on a regular basis. With our preferred architects, you can be sure to receive everything your project needs to get going and see it cross the finish line. Services include preliminary drawings, architectural drawings, working drawings, structural engineering design calculations and building control approval.



At the end of the day, it is up to you whether or not you hire an architect for your project. If you’re asking for our advice, we would highly recommend hiring a skilled and knowledgeable architect to aid your project. We would go a step further to suggest working with us under our Design & Build package to give you everything you need from architectural services to quality contractors. 

For more information about our Design & Build package, get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to help you out. 

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