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When it comes to figuring out how we want our home interior to look, there are many different options available to us, with more being dreamed up every day. You could decide on an elegant art deco style, or perhaps you’re leaning more towards the light and airy modern look. Just know that if you can’t decide, you’re not alone. 

It can sometimes be overwhelming sieving through all that information accessible through just a few taps of a phone screen. If all you’ve come across are bizarre styles that you’re not sure of and impractical ideas that appear too challenging to give a go, we have a suggestion for you. 

Have you heard of minimalism? It’s a form of living that many people have turned to recently. Choosing a minimalist lifestyle can affect every aspect of your whole life, including your family, relationships, career, hobbies and home. 



Minimalism is, in a few words, living with less. We know that’s not much to go off but that is essentially what it is. Of course, we can dive deeper into this and explain why you may want to live with less – what are the benefits? 

In today’s world, there is so much to have, so much to own and so much to spend our money on. You have important things, such as a house, car, bills and so on. And then you have the not-so-important things, like excessive clothing, jewellery, video games, watches, the latest tech, etc. Now you might be thinking that actually these things are important to me. Yet, a minimalistic mindset would challenge that statement. 

Minimalists claim that it’s so much more than just decluttering; it’s about becoming free from consumer culture, materialism and so much more. This then allows us to focus on things that are truly important in life. That being said, there are many different methods and ideas for practising minimalism, so it’s worth doing some of your own research on the topic. 



After reading the above, you may have a rough idea of what a minimalist home looks like. You could possibly be imagining bare walls, little or no furniture, and not an electrical product in sight, though that may be a more extreme version of a minimalist home. 

In truth, there are lots of different ways you can apply minimalism to a home. Though the key way of looking at a minimalist home is to make it very intentional; everything in your home should be there for a reason. 

So, you may have some decluttering to do. A way of getting started is to take a look at your home and consider a few things, such as what is essential to you. Also, try limiting the decorations in your home to only the meaningful items. Going forward, resist the urge to buy more things that you don’t really need and keep your home as tidy as possible for that clean, calm and organised look that many associate with minimalism. 



One very important thing to figure out is to decide whether or not you think minimalism is right for you. That being said, you can still consider a more minimalist home décor without committing to the whole ideology. 

You may just simply need a change in your home. This is when we suggest you get in touch with us at Bespoke Norfolk Group. We work with the best interior designers and architects in Norfolk to create a home you can be proud of. So, get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you and your property. 

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