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What is a Timber Frame Home Extension?

Extensions offer a great way to extend your property to give you and your family more space in the home you love. As opposed to moving house after outgrowing your current home, instead, you can simply extend. Did you know that you can use timber to build your extension?

Why may you want to build a timber frame home extension? There are plenty of timber frame extension details that may appeal to homeowners, such as faster build times and sustainability. So let’s explore timber frame extension in more detail.


What is Timber Frame Construction?

Timber frame construction is an alternative building method to the traditional methods of block work and brick and mortar. It’s different as the main material used is wood, more specifically, timber. 

A timber frame home extension is constructed of timber which comes with a few benefits that could make your extension project easier than the traditional brick extension. 


Timber Frame Home Extensions Are Quick to Build

Nearly all timber frame extension guides will tell you that one of the main benefits that comes with a timber frame extension is that it is normally a lot quicker to build than a regular extension. Mainly because, timber is lightweight, making it a lot easier to work with for builders and leads to quicker assembly. 

Another reason is that a timber frame home extension is quick to erect. This is because large timber pieces that will make up the extension can be made off-site and then delivered to the site to then be assembled. 

Lastly, after the foundations are set, your extension will get to a watertight stage faster than regular extensions, which means the internal work for your extension can be started more swiftly.

All of these factors lead to the completion of your project faster.


Timber Frame Extension = Sustainable Construction

Nowadays, we need to be conscious of the impact we are having on the environment. And when you decide to build with timber, you’re also choosing to build with a sustainable material. How so? When a tree is cut down to produce timber, another tree can be planted in its place which, over time, will regenerate what was lost.

So, building with timber, a sustainable material, means your extension project will be more eco-friendly. The same cannot be said for many other materials. 

Timber is also energy efficient, with it having the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially used building material. 


The Aesthetic of Timber Frame Extensions

A timber frame extension sounds all well and good but will it look like a normal extension? 

It depends on what timber frame extension system you are building with. With standard, softwood panels that have been filled with insulation, they can be finished to look however you would like. They can be made to look like an extension constructed from block work. 

Whereas with a post and beam system, some structural elements will be left visible. These elements include upright posts, beams, ceiling joists, roof trusses and rafters. 

Though, these visible elements don’t have to be an eyesore. Give your extension a bit of character by embracing those stunning, wooden beams in your timber frame extension design


Final Thoughts 

Timber frame extensions are growing in popularity due to their many benefits. But, if you’re considering timber frame, you must use a reliable construction company, like our construction company in Norfolk, Bespoke Norfolk Group, who have the skill and knowledge to do your project justice.

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