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It’s no wonder loft conversions have grown tremendously in popularity over the recent years. It’s times like these that highlight how much room we actually have in our homes. 

Loft conversions are credited as being the smartest, most effective ways of creating extra space in your home. For the simple fact, they use all the wasted space in your loft to create something amazing. 

What you might not know about loft conversions is that there are a few different types to suit every household and situation. In this blog, we are going to take a more in-depth look at the loft conversion types Bespoke Norfolk Group offer. 


Roof Light / Velux 

This type of loft conversion is, most of the time, the cheapest option. What’s great about a roof light / Velux is that it utilises the space that is already under your roof. Because of this, the adjustments made to your home are few and the time to build is shorter. 

With no extensions needing to be added, your roof keeps its natural shape. This loft conversion gets its name from the next part of the process, which is when roof lights or Velux windows are installed into the converted room’s ceiling. 

This is an amazing option for properties with optimal space in the loft and those who want to minimize construction time and costs as much as possible. The result is a naturally bright, stunning environment, perfect for a new bedroom. 


Any home with a pitched roof can benefit from having a dormer loft conversion installed. This conversion type is when a box-shaped structure is added to your roof. Inside, this creates walls that sit at a 90-degree angle, travelling down to the floor of the loft. 

The purpose of this is to increase the amount of head and floor space of the new room. With a dormer loft conversion, there are a few styles you can choose from to best fit your home: flat roof, shed, doghouse and L-shaped. 

Dormers are ideal for those lofts that are on the smaller side as they create all that new, ready-to-use space. 


The best way to describe this type of loft conversion is an extension across the entire area of your roof. This drastic type of loft conversion is most commonly found at the rear of the roof. With this in mind, the sloping side of the roof will be converted to an almost vertical side. 

The new roof will be flat, in addition, the new windows added are usually placed within small dormers. The great thing about this loft conversion is that it can be added to many different types of properties. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, the conversion/roof extension can be finished in a number of ways to match your home’s appearance. 

Hip To Gable

If your property is lacking the space you want/desire, you could always go down the route of a hip to gable loft conversion. To achieve more space, the sloping side of your roof is converted to a vertical gable wall.

With this new vertical wall, extra headspace is created, as well as extra floor space as the slope obstructing the use of all of the floor has been removed. 

This popular conversion type is great for transforming your loft into a brand new, flowing, spacious part of your home. 

Final Thoughts 

With the options available, there has never been a better time to convert your loft. Though, it’s important to do your research, weigh your options and consider your budget before picking the right conversion for you. 

Bespoke Norfolk Group offers all the different types of loft conversions mentioned above. So, if you’re unsure which one is best for you, speak to us today. We have the experience, skills and quality team to deliver the results you want.