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A custom home being built, showing the different works involved in home construction.

Turnkey Building Contractors: A Stress-Free Solution

Turnkey building contractors offer plenty of benefits to those hoping to design and build a new home. However, when going down the turnkey building route, you have to be certain that the construction company you choose can deliver what was promised on time and on budget. 

Turnkey Meaning in Construction

If someone is hoping to build a new home from scratch, turnkey construction is an appropriate home-building delivery method. Turnkey building contractors offer a complete start-to-finish solution that ends with a new property being built from the ground up, often on land owned by the client. 

New build home featuring glass bifold doors and windows built by turnkey building contractors

Turnkey building is typically very similar to a design and build approach, but usually encapsulates more than just the designing and building of a home. Turnkey building contractors will usually handle every stage involved in the process of building a custom home, from planning the project and architectural design to sourcing materials and building. The role of the client is to establish what they want and supply the funds. 

Why Use Turnkey Building Contractors 

The turnkey building approach comes with different advantages to custom home builders with some being of greater importance than others. Here, we will highlight the three main advantages. 

Turnkey builder in high vis smiling while working on a new build construction site.

You’re Level of Involvement 

Bespoke Norfolk Group have completed plenty of new build projects over our years of operation. What’s clear is that building a new home is a massive undertaking. As an individual looking to build a custom home, you will need a trusted construction partner to rely on. The ideal factor for turnkey building contractors is that they will be able to take the project’s management off your hands. Of course, you will still have control of the turnkey project and as a result, end up with a level of involvement you’re comfortable with. 

Cost Certainty

As highlighted above, using turnkey building contractors means that it will be one construction company that will be fulfilling every aspect of building a custom home. The advantage here is that cost certainty is easier achieved. Unlike traditional building processes used for similar or smaller projects, such as building house extensions, there is one entity providing all services, which leads to more accurate pricing and eliminates the need for multiple contracts from varying service providers.

Save Time With Turnkey Building Contractors 

As a client determined to build their own home, you may not realise at first how much time and energy will be needed from you. If you didn’t go down the turnkey construction route, you could be expected to manage the new build project yourself, which will easily feel like a full-time 40-hour-work-week job. However, by using turnkey building contractors the project is managed for you. Yes, moments of your time will still be needed for such a project, but this will not be as much. 

The Stages of Turnkey Construction 

Many different turnkey building contractors will be available to you should you express an interest in this home building method. While it is useful to have plenty of choices, it also means that the typical turnkey construction process fluctuates. This means that it is difficult to provide a guaranteed list of steps involved. However, a typical full turnkey construction project will involve:

Consultation and brief

A meeting between you and the turnkey building contractor to discuss the project’s budget, scope and goals. 

The plot

Whether you own a plot of land that will act as the foundation for your home to be built, or your turnkey building contractor has a choice of plots available for purchase, a plot analysis will need to be undertaken.

Architectural design

Typically, the work will start with the creation of your home’s design via an architectural design service. 

Building regulations and planning

The turnkey building contractors will handle compliance with any regulations and planning permission or permitted development rights.

Groundworks and foundations

Your turnkey building partner may include groundworks as part of their service. They will also design and install the required foundations for your new home.

The shell of the home

The walls, floors and roof will be erected, creating the shell of your home, ready for the next stages.


The home will be fitted with proper insulation by the turnkey building contractors, along with doors and windows.

Heating, plumbing and electricity

Tradesmen will be used to set up the heating, plumbing and electricity for your new home.


Carpenters will be introduced to work on the internal woodwork, such as installing stairs, fixing handrails, and more.

Interior design

To add character to the new home that has been built from the ground up, a turnkey building contractor service will typically include interior design help to paint and decorate internally.

Exterior work

The exterior of the home and the land surrounding it may be worked on. If you plan to sell the home, a well-designed home exterior will improve curb appeal.

Final checks and handover

Following a series of final checks and perhaps independent testing, the keys will be handed over and you can move into your new home or put it on the market.

As said above, the stages involved in turnkey building will vary between turnkey building contractors, so be sure to ask for a full rundown of what’s included when interviewing potential construction partners. 

How To Choose the Right Turnkey Building Contractors? 

When it comes to choosing the right turnkey building contractors for you, the decision will likely be influenced by a few independent factors. The most blaring may be the fact that you will want to work with a turnkey building contractor who has experience in your particular project. Yes, you will be building a new home, but what type of home? For example, if you will be creating a home out of a recent barn conversion, then it may be best to pursue a specialist turnkey builder in this type of homebuilding. 

Birds eye view of a plot of land being used to build a new custom home Norfolk.

The financial side of things is an area that cannot be left ignored when choosing a turnkey building contractor. Full turnkey projects often come with one overall package price, which is ideal for the client as you get all the services you need grouped at one price. However, as the one who will be financing the project, you will still want to know how each turnkey building contractor you consider will be allocating funds and why. For instance, how much money and time will be going into the design phase, and is this enough?

A home construction site in the early stages of setting foundations for a new build home by construction company Norfolk.

Other considerations to make will be the experience of the builder – the more experience a construction company has, the more likely it is that they will do a good job. Yet, this isn’t always the case and it still may be worth considering fairly new established builders if they can back up their quotes with past projects and previous client testimonials. 

Full Turnkey Projects: Real-Life New Build Examples 

As a local construction company in Norfolk that specialises in creating high-end living spaces, we have provided and completed ample turnkey building projects. Take a look at these examples of real-life turnkey projects.

New Build Bungalow Norfolk 

A dated and tired property in Dersingham, Norfolk, was given the full turnkey treatment and transformed into a modern paradise. The team at our Norfolk construction company rebuilt this home, assisted with external landscaping, and completed a full interior renovation

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Norfolk New Build in Beeston 

This striking, contemporary home in Beeston was created from the ground up by Bespoke Norfolk Group. Featuring characterful elements such as wooden beams and modern touches like external cladding, this new build and single-storey extension project is a stunning example of what can be achieved through turnkey building contractors. 

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Turnkey Building Contractors in Norfolk

A turnkey building approach could be the very thing you’re searching for if you are hoping to build a new home. To get started, send your enquiry to our team and hear how we can help. 

Built From the Ground Up

If you have the land or the funds to purchase a piece of land, you can build a completely customised home. This vacant land will act as the foundation for you to build with a trusted construction partner. 


Completely Tailored to you

Building a custom home from scratch enables an individual or family to design and construct a home that is essentially built for them. Instead of moving into a home and improving it down the line to better suit your needs, you will move straight into a home that has been custom-made for you. 


All Under One Company

We’ve outlined some of the advantages turnkey building contractors provide. By working with one construction partner to provide all of the required new build services, you receive a more straightforward approach to pricing; improved communication; and a certain level of guarantee that you will end up with the home you desire. 

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