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Contrary to popular belief, having a small home isn’t a deal-breaker for house renovation. In fact, a full home renovation could be exactly what your small space needs to go from your tiny and cramped house to your cosy and happy home. 

And it’s not difficult to get started – there are so many small space renovation ideas and small house renovation hacks out there that you can take advantage of. 

In this blog, we’re going to take you out of the dark and clue you in on some of our favourite creative solutions for small space renovations, so that you can start enjoying your smaller property. 



Firstly, let’s get serious about layout. When your home doesn’t hold as much space as other larger homes, you can’t afford to be flippant about layout. 

Most of the time, the goal is maximising space in small home renovations, and there’s a good reason for that, as space is the one big drawback your small house possesses. 

So our goal is to work with the space we have, instead of trying to change it into something it cannot be. To do this, we need to optimise the layout we have to create a smooth traffic flow. 

There are a few ways to do this, such as:

  • Avoid clutter as much as you can – a small home doesn’t have the space for it 
  • Use rugs to define different areas of the home. This helps you to navigate your home’s layout easily 
  • Ensure your furniture is pushed right up against the wall because we need all the floor space we can get
  • Consider an open-plan layout to create one big space as opposed to multiple small areas 

Ultimately, you know your home best, so take a look at your space and think about what the best layout would look like, regardless of your personal taste. It may help to turn to the internet and social media to find some small space makeover inspiration.



You have probably heard of minimalism before, and as we’re telling you to embrace this idea for your home, you may be picturing a plain, empty house with a mattress on the floor and not much else. 

While that is technically minimalism, that would be a tad extreme. Minimalism isn’t for everyone but it’s a cool idea nonetheless. In short, minimalism is the art of living with less, so you can probably guess why it would be a useful way of living for a small home.


A minimalist home will contain the essentials; there are not so many ‘materialistic’ items and pieces of furniture. For a better understanding of what a minimalist house design may involve, check out our blog: ‘WHAT IS MINIMALISM AND HOW CAN IT BE APPLIED TO MY HOME?’

You don’t have to go for a full minimalist house design to make better use of your small home, you could just use minimalism as your inspiration, taking the best parts of it and applying it to your home. 



If we were working with an incredibly large home, we could buy all the furniture we want without once having to take out the tape measurer. But we don’t have that luxury. 

High up on our list of home renovation tips for small spaces is to be smart about the furniture you choose. 

When we say that, we don’t mean you have to use said tape measurer to the nth degree to go for the smallest furniture possible – because, honestly, a lot of the time, small furniture just isn’t functional.

So when renovating your small space and it’s time for furniture, remember these small house renovation hacks:

  • Multifunctional furniture – a single piece of furniture that serves more than one person is a lifesaver for small spaces. Instead of taking up two (or more) spaces of your home to fulfil different needs, use up one area of space with a multipurpose piece of furniture. Some great examples are sofa beds, fold-out tables, mirror cabinets, and ottoman beds.

  • Storage solutions – remember, space is lacking, so a few storage solutions around the home will be valuable. To save floor space, use wall-hung shelves and cabinets. During the architectural stage, include built-in storage in your design. And use organisers in drawers and baskets around the home to catch the clutter. 

Be sure to go room to room in your home and apply this method of being smart with furniture. Here’s an example: what are some space-saving ideas for small bathrooms? Install wall-hung fixtures, go for more compact vanities and choose sink basins that come with built-in storage underneath. 



These home design tips aren’t so much small space remodelling ideas but more ingenious interior design hacks that help a small space look and feel bigger. So instead of renovating your home to make space, these are some quick solutions that create the illusion of a bigger room/home. 

  • Mirror magic – include large mirrors in your interior design plan. Having a large mirror in the room will create an illusion of depth, making the room feel bigger than it actually is. 

  • Light & glass – the more light a room is, the bigger it feels. And the best kind of light to introduce into your home is natural light. Go the extra mile by including a handful of glass elements (vases, etc) in your room – the natural light you let flood into your home will pass through the glass and further into your home. 

  • Height Illusions – make your rooms appear higher than they are with these tips: 1) install floor-to-ceiling curtains; 2) vertical stripe patterns on walls; 3) hang artwork/picture frames higher up on walls. 



That concludes our home renovation tips for small spaces. We hope this has been helpful to you, and that we have inspired you to not give up on your small property. Remember, these tips can also be used if you are renovating a small apartment instead of a house. 

Some of the tips you’ve learnt can be put into action right away fairly easily by yourself. But for help with your small home renovation, it’s important to utilise the help of a professional construction company, like us at Bespoke Norfolk Group. 

Get in touch with our team today and see how we can help you.