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Many of us are chasing an open-plan layout for our homes, but is open-plan living all that it’s cracked up to be? Well, to help you answer the question, we’re going to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the popular home layout. 

Firstly, what is an open-plan layout? It’s an architectural design of an inside living space that creates a more open dynamic in the home by merging multiple rooms together to create one big space. 

Usually, the rooms that become merged are the kitchen, dining room and living room. Then you have other rooms, such as bathrooms and bedrooms enclosed as they are normally. 

Depending on the type of person you are, this either sounds like a genius idea and you’re already picturing this open-plan living layout in your own home, or this may sound like an awful idea and now you’re wondering why you would do such a thing. 

Whichever side of the fence you initially fall on, take a read of what we’ve identified as this home layout’s drawbacks and strengths. 



As far as we’re concerned, we think open-plan living spaces are a great idea, and different open floor plan ideas can lead to different advantages, so here are a few arguments for adding an open-plan living layout to your home. 



When a home is dull and stuffy it can take its toll on our mood and energy, which is why having a bright and airy home is constantly talked about. Light, specifically natural light, is massively healthy for us humans. And with an open plan layout, natural light, via a home’s windows, can reach not just one but multiple rooms. 

With fewer divides, air passes through a home with more ease. This combination of substantial light and air creates a nice flow in a home, improving the environment for everyone who lives there. 

Adding light and air into a home is often talked about as one of the best ways to improve home life, and an open-plan living layout makes that easier to achieve. 



Time with family is precious and by incorporating an open-plan living layout into your home, you could help reconnect your family with one another and improve home life for everyone. 

With a more open home, it becomes easier for a family to interact with one another; communication is easier as people are spending less time confined in a room by themselves. 

For parents of younger children, you can keep an eye on what your kids are up to in the living room while you’re washing up in the kitchen. 

In short, you create a more sociable environment.



If you take one thing away from this blog post, it should be that open-plan living is very popular. 

Popular with homeowners and homebuyers alike. If you’re thinking of selling your home soon or further down the line, adding something as sought-after as an open-plan layout to your property listing could see your home selling for more than you may have expected. 



We all like to host a little get-together every now and again. But some can be put off the idea because their home just isn’t right for entertaining. 

This is a massive advantage of having an open plan living layout, as you now have one big room that is ideal for hosting a cosy couples dinner to a sizeable soirée. 

You have the kitchen where you can prepare food and drinks, and then the dining room where a meal is enjoyed which then opens up to the living room where the board games or disco moves come out. 

Go the extra mile by adding bi-fold doors that lead to the garden for summer BBQ parties. Be extra prepared for the warmer months by reading our ‘7 WAYS TO CREATE THE PERFECT OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE’.



Though we’re a fan of open-plan living, this home layout design does have some weaknesses, so be sure to read on to be absolutely sure that open-plan living is right for you.



It’s only human to sometimes want to seek a little solitude. Unfortunately, with an open-plan layout, finding a private part of the home to be left alone isn’t so easy to come by. 

With an open-plan layout, your home’s main rooms aren’t divided by walls, so if privacy is what you seek, the kitchen, dining and living room are not so accommodating.

Here’s a tip: if you’re looking at open plan ideas, consider adding an enclosed snug room to your layout – this can then be your designated isolation zone. 



With the current cost of living crisis showing no sign of letting up anytime soon, we all have to be conscious of how much energy we are using. 

It’s a fact that a large open living space which lacks dividing walls will take more energy to heat, which means costing you more pounds. Smaller isolated rooms with four walls take far less time to heat up, and they stay warm for longer. 

Plus, an open plan layout is usually associated with high/vaulted ceilings which won’t do your energy efficiency any favours. 



If you decide on having your kitchen/dining room open up to the living room, you have to consider the reality that the smell from the kitchen will travel to the rest of the open-plan living space. 

Now you may not mind that when a hearty Sunday roast or a spicy curry is cooking, but when the neglected dirty pots and pans or the overflowing bin start to smell, most of the house will be able to smell that stench. 

The same can be said for noise. If someone is causing a racket in the living room with the volume at maximum on the TV, the whole house is going to have to listen to that also. 

Of course, if you’re always on top of your cleaning and the home is never too loud, this isn’t a problem. Also, if that is the case, what’s your secret?



Remember, with an open floor plan, multiple rooms of your household are visible all at once from many different areas of the home. 

This means that the open-plan living design you choose is vital. Your chosen design has to be one you love, and one that guests will also enjoy, so it may be a great idea to enlist the help of an interior designer to help you out. 

The kitchen, dining room and living room will become one big room and the open-plan room design you choose will need to work with all three spaces, while also not looking plain or repetitive. 



If achieving an open-plan living style is what you desire most, then right now is a great time to renovate your home to incorporate this adored home layout. 

If you choose to work with Bespoke Norfolk Group, your home renovation project – to create an open-plan layout – can be managed from start to finish by our reliable team. 

We’ll handle everything from architectural drawings to interior design. Speak to our team today and let’s get your project off the ground.