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Energy efficient home built by Bespoke Norfolk Group


With the cost of living soaring in the UK with no end in sight, you may have been thinking more seriously about energy efficiency. 

In particular, energy-efficient homes. Deciding to live in an energy-efficient house could be the answer to most of your concerns over money and energy saving at home. 

In this blog, we’re going to be telling you of the main benefits you can expect to receive should you decide to make your home more energy efficient. Who knows, this could be the best decision that you ever made. 



To be efficient with your energy enough to make a difference, you’ve got to take it seriously. It’s not enough to ensure the light is turned off when leaving a room or switching off unused plug sockets. 

That’s where an energy-efficient house comes into play. For a home to be considered an energy-efficient one, it has to tick a few boxes, including:

  • Minimising the amount of unnecessary energy being used 
  • Making the most out of the energy it does use 
  • Reducing its use of greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Limiting its use of non-renewable resources 

Ensuring the above criteria are met, you create an energy-saving house that can save you money and have a more positive impact on the environment around you. 

All of these reasons are what make building an energy-efficient home or renovating to improve energy conservation, so sought after. 

You can create an energy-saving house by carefully considering your insulation, heating and air quality. As well as opting for renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar. There are also great methods in smart home energy conservation you can introduce into your own home.

Now, let’s explore the benefits of making your house energy efficient. 



One main thing on everyone’s mind right now is the current cost of living, and the question you’re probably asking is whether or not making your home energy-efficient will help. The short answer is yes. 

If you can build an energy-efficient home or renovate your current house to an energy-saving house, you can expect your energy costs to lower. 

With an energy-efficient home, such expenses as heating and electricity are reduced because a home such as this is designed to be less demanding of these things. 

Greater energy efficiency leads to greater cost efficiency. 



When a home is built with energy efficiency in mind, it becomes less reliant on heating and cooling methods. You’ll find that most energy-efficient homes will remain at a comfortable temperature all year round. 

To avoid shivering in our homes in winter, the heating goes on, and in the summer heat, we may reach for the air conditioning switch to help create a more comfortable temperature. 

With an energy-efficient home, more thought goes into the design and build aspect to ensure the house stays at a comfortable temperature.



With global warming and climate change a huge concern in today’s world, we all know how important our carbon footprint is. 

This is what makes energy conservation in the home such a good idea. Remember earlier when we mentioned that being more energy efficient can be good for the environment? Well, this is why. 

With more thought going into energy-saving homes, you are reducing your carbon footprint, which makes for a happy and healthy Earth. 



Sometimes, a home isn’t forever, but even if you’re planning on selling your house in the future – near or far – creating an energy-efficient home can still be worth your while. 

Why? Because when you make an energy-efficient home, you have a home that is built to last, performs well, comes with fewer energy expenses, is comfortable and is built of quality materials. 

In short, you have yourself a home that will be the envy of many active searchers on the property market. 



We touched on this in our last point – energy-saving homes will last. 

Saving energy in your home by creating an energy-efficient machine means that you have made something that is less expensive to run and caters to all of your needs. It’s built to the highest of standards and with the latest and greatest advancements in construction. 

As long as you have worked with a high-quality construction company, like Bespoke Norfolk Group, there is no reason to assume that your home won’t last a lifetime (and beyond). 



That sounds like a whole lot of positives to us and that’s not everything. Other benefits of building an energy-efficient home include:

  • The less fossil fuels you are exposed to can have a positive impact on your health 
  • There are smart systems that can reduce your water footprint 
  • With energy-efficient insulation, noise pollution is lessened 

Energy saving at home isn’t easy, but when you transform your home into one with energy efficiency in mind, it becomes a breeze. 

If you want to build an energy-efficient house, get in touch with our team today and find out how Bespoke Norfolk Group could help you.