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The growing popularity in mid-century style makes right now a great time to start renovating a 1960s home. In a post-war era, we saw public morale renewed which reflected in the homes that started being built. More experimentation was introduced, leading to new shapes, designs, layouts, and interiors. 


Features of a 1960s Home

Often, these homes feature wide windows which bring added light to the inside and spacious front gardens and garages. 

In this time, Britain was experiencing a housing crisis. This meant that the style of build often required cheaper materials as they could be constructed quickly while keeping a firm grip on cost.



As stated earlier, the mid-century décor and exterior architecture are definitely in trend right now and show no sign of going away anytime soon.

Many renovators lean towards older period homes, leaving 1960s properties still a reasonably affordable price. As they have been constructed in the more recent past, they tend to require less work to bring them up to speed which can lead to a decent saving on renovation costs.

To sum up, renovating such a property can be a great investment purchase or project venture.


What To Look Out For

Once again, the housing crisis plays a big part in whether or not you may want to take on a 1960s home renovation. As most homes were built in record time, some may be victim to substandard build quality. 

During this time, cement was a popular foundation and building material. It was also used for roof tiles, so knowing what your house is made of could be a great way to counter any nasty surprises during renovation. 

Asbestos is also a concern when it comes to renovating older houses, so it’s worth mentioning as a potential set back.

As stated before, this time period saw a lot of experimental styles when it came to building houses. In some rare cases, it could mean your home is ‘design-forward’, built with only tow load-bearing walls. Unusual designs could bring with them odd layouts or structural issues.

Whatever concerns or worries you may have; we would be able to offer you help and guidance in making sure your home is of good enough standing for renovation.


Is Renovating a 1960s Home For You?

The best way to figure this out is getting to know your property. Also speaking to a professional company, like Bespoke Norfolk Group, could save you a lot of time and effort.

With older homes it’s always smart to dedicate some of your budget to any hidden surprises. It’s mostly cautionary, but definitely worth it.

Most homes of this period feature smaller, cramped kitchens which may mean you might want to switch some rooms around, which is something to think about. Another thing to take a moment to think on would be the stairs; the relocation of stairs is popular in 1960s homes. 


Renovation and More

With 1960s homes normally having spacious front gardens and garages, and space at the sides of the property, the possibility to truly utilise all the space your property has to offer is high.

We cover a wide range of extensions that could truly transform your property and offer more space to fit around your lifestyle.


Final Thoughts

A renovation on an older property can seem daunting at first, and it’s understandable to feel that way. But renovating such a house could also be one of the most rewarding projects to undertake.

Please feel free to contact us today. We work with a wide network of some of the best professionals in the country that can help shape your home into something amazing.

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