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bathroom renovation by Bespoke Norfolk Group


Bathrooms are such an important aspect of any home for obvious reasons. As one of the most frequented rooms, they often fall victim to wear and tear over the years. 

That’s where bathroom renovation can swoop in and save the day. 

No matter how amazing your inside space may be, if your bathroom is left behind and remains a dated disaster, you can never fully fall in love with your home’s interior. 

So how could a bathroom remodel be just the thing to elevate your home?



Before going ahead with a bathroom renovation project, you most likely want to know exactly what that entails.

A full bathroom renovation will entail the removal of your old bathroom and installation of your new bathroom – it’s a complete bathroom makeover, to change how your old bathroom looks (probably one that came with the house and you had no hand in designing), and turning it into your dream bathroom. 

What’s the order of work when it comes to bathroom renovation?

  • Firstly, you want to take this time to assess your current bathroom and take note of everything you want to be changed and if there’s anything you want to be kept the same
  • Then comes the consultation phase. Reach out to bathroom installers and construction companies and tell them about your project. Here, you can receive quotes and set budgets
  • The next step is the bathroom design. Think about how you want your bathroom to look and function – colour palettes, fittings, walling, flooring, lighting, heating, general aesthetic and layout
  • Next up and now that you have a team by your side, the removal of your old bathroom can begin
  • Lastly, the installation of your new bathroom will go ahead and the whole project will come together to show the final result

When you decide you need a new bathroom, be prepared by doing everything on your end before reaching out to contractors, such things as identifying what you want, sparing some thought on budget and maybe even a little bit of research to find out who may be able to offer you the best price. 



Many homes suffer from a common concern which is a small bathroom. Though, even if your bathroom is on the smaller side, there are plenty of ways to work with a small bathroom layout. 

We have come across plenty of incredible bathroom designs for small spaces over our years spent working in home renovation, and that really is the trick to bathroom renovations for small bathrooms – having a great design to work with. 

It goes without saying that a small bathroom layout lacks in very one crucial area, which is the space available. So, great small bathroom designs prioritise saving as much space as possible and avoid the room becoming cramped and compact. 

Ways to make a new small bathroom makeover work for you:

  • Utilise available wall space to free up floor space with wall-hung cabinets, mirror cabinets and shelving
  • Instead of having a bathtub and shower, combine the two for a bath with a built-in shower head and screen
  • Use bright and light colours on walls and floors to create the illusion of a larger space 
  • Go for a more minimalist design and declutter all of the non-essentials 

So don’t be disheartened if you have a small bathroom in your home that you think is too small to work with. All you need to do is find the right approach.



A bathroom upgrade may already be high up on your home improvement wishlist because a bathroom that looks dated and tired is an immediate downer, and you don’t want that in your home. 

Many homes, especially older period properties, would benefit from a bathroom restoration. You don’t have to go overboard with your bathroom improvements – you can take a more subtle approach and renovate with sympathy to invite a comfortable countering effect of classic and contemporary. 

Or if you want to go all in on your bathroom upgrade, modern bathrooms are a burning desire of many. For a modern bathroom renovation, think bright and light, chrome finishes, sharp edges, elegant patterns and smart features, such as Bluetooth LED mirrors.



Doing bathroom renovation yourself is a tricky task to take on, but it does have its benefits, like keeping labour costs low or eliminating them entirely. Should you choose to remodel your own bathroom with your own two hands, there are plenty of resources out there to help you out, like this step-by-step guide fromB&Q.

Do you need to completely renovate your bathroom? Think about it, do you need to go through the hassle of installing a new bathroom yourself or will a few simple bathroom updates do?

Here are some ways you can fall back in love with your bathroom without breaking the bank or ripping out all of the fittings:

  • Try to refresh your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint. A new choice of colour for your walls could be all that’s needed
  • Make a few easy bathroom updates, including swapping out your mirror for a new one or purchasing a fresh set of bathroom towels
  • A bathroom deep clean could be just what is needed to realise you’re happy with what you have after all
  • Add some more colour and freshness to your bathroom with live plants
  • It could be just one part of your bathroom that is letting you down. For example, if you’re generally happy with how your bathroom looks, but the toilet could do with replacement, then do just that and leave the rest of the room how it is

It’s quick bathroom updates and additions like these that could save you the time and effort of DIY bathroom renovation. 



While Bespoke Norfolk Group doesn’t typically work on renovating bathrooms, we have completed bathroom renovation jobs as part of bigger projects. In fact, the images you see in this blog are some of our best bathroom renovations from past jobs of ours, such as full home renovations and extension installations. 

You can see more of our bathroom renovations by visiting our Case Studies page.



If you’re after a full bathroom renovation or just some simple bathroom improvements, there’s plenty of inspiration and resources out there. 

If you’re planning on working with a contractor to help you out with your bathroom renovation, then be sure to work with a company or individual who really knows what they’re doing. 

If you have a larger project in mind that includes an element of bathroom renovation, please feel free to reach out to our team who are experienced and well-versed in everything renovation and construction.