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It’s no secret that Bespoke Norfolk Group has been kept busy with lots of projects having been worked on in the last year alone. And we’re showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. How is it we can keep going at such a pace and keep each project as extraordinary as the last? Well, a big part of that is down to our amazing team; so many roles and jobs going on behind the scenes that our clients or followers might not have noticed. 

We thought this would be a good way to shine a light on the people and roles that keep this impressive machine chugging along. 

Today, we’re taking a look at one of the most important job roles at Bespoke Norfolk Group – our Project Managers. 


What is a Project Manager? 

Project Managers are immensely important to any and all of the projects we undertake. A Project Manager is, essentially, the person in charge of your project. From planning and coordinating to implementing and supervising. 

They will be your point of call, the middleman or woman between you and your project. 

Every project – extension, new build, renovation, conversion or anything in between will benefit from a Project Manager. 

What Makes a Great Project Manager?

Such a role comes with many responsibilities. With each project, straight from the word ‘go’, they will be responsible for the initial planning of the project: they will identify the project timeline, what needs doing and who is best for the job. 

Perhaps the biggest challenge a Project Manager will face is making sure their project (or projects) are working to the decided-upon budget, timeline and scope. 

Not only does a Project Manager assign their team members tasks and jobs, but they will also go the extra mile by providing support and coaching to their team. Keeping a close eye on the project and deliverables of the project, a Project Manager will use their amazing organisation and communication skills to provide updates to the relevant people, which can range from team members to directors to clients themselves. 


Our Project Managers

Of course, the role of Project Manager is not exclusive to Bespoke Norfolk Group. Many companies, in many different industries, have a similar role as part of their operations. 

But with Bespoke Norfolk Group, our Project Managers stand out as something special. Why is that? 

Having your very own Project Manager assigned especially to you and your project is a huge plus. It means they are always on hand to answer any questions, address any concerns or queries and provide someone to lean on when your project is at its infancy, as it’s underway and through to completion. 

Not only that, as standard with every project, a client of ours will also receive weekly updates from their Project Manager. This provides a chance for you to get caught up on all the progress of work that has happened week after week, in an easy and effective manner with a friendly face you have built a working relationship with. 

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Final Thoughts

There are many different roles and jobs that act as vital cogs and gears which ensure the smooth running of our business. And when it comes to our Project Managers, we know how much of an asset they are to us and our clients. 

We love hearing from our clients of how great their Project Manager was and how helpful they were. 

If you have a chance to check out our portfolio, take a look at some of our completed projects and keep in mind that behind each one, a dedicated and committed Project Manager made it all happen. 

Got a project in mind? Please feel free to get in touch with us today. We’d love to help. 

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