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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have noticed the rise in new build homes being built all over the place. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, 50,000 new homes were built. 

Many people have taken the chance to snatch one up for themselves; especially first-time buyers, as a new build comes with great opportunities to get onto the property ladder with schemes like Help-to-Buy and Shared Ownership. 

Another way you can enjoy a newly-built home is to build on your own land. This way, you can truly mould out your perfect, ideal home.

Here at Bespoke Norfolk Group, if you have the land, we have the commitment and skill to erect the new build home of your dreams.


What Is a New Build?

A new build is exactly what it says on the tin. A newly-built home that has not been lived in before. (Sometimes you may see fairly-new homes that have been owned and lived in fall under the new build category).

More and more homes are being constructed every year in an attempt to combat the national property shortage. 

New builds sometimes get a bad reputation as being poorly built and coming with inconsistencies and anomalies. Though these are often solved within the snagging process, but that is a subject for another time. 

On the flip side, new builds come with several benefits. 

Benefits of a New Build

This is glaringly obvious but the main benefit is a new build is brand new! Think of the house as a blank canvas for you to make your own. While it may lack the character that older properties have, it is a chance for you to give the property its own character that is right for you. 

Adding to that, new builds generally come with lower maintenance needs. As opposed to an older property that has obvious wear and tears from being lived in by, sometimes, multiple people over many years. Being brand new means, you should not have to worry about those same eye-soars and idiosyncrasies. 

We touched on this before but having a helping hand onto the property ladder is very important for first-time buyers. With new builds, these buyers can take advantage of schemes, such as Help-to-Buy and Shared Ownership. 

To receive even more benefits from your new build, you should consider the option of self-build.


New Build With Bespoke Norfolk Group

How do you self-build a new home? Well, first of all, you will need your own land. Once that is secured, that is where we come into play.

What you might not know about us, is that many of our most successful projects have been created from scratch. Creating stunning homes from nothing is something we are experts at. If you should need help obtaining planning permission, we can even help with that. 

Self-building is the best way to create the home of your dreams. With a self-build, you’re in charge, from the important stuff like size and storeys, down to the little details of which fixtures and fittings you want. 

With us, we will either follow your lead or take the project head-on ourselves, whatever works for you. Our drawing package allows you to effectively plan every step and stage of the product. Alternatively, if you already have a solid plan, we will bring it to life. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, new builds come with a handful of benefits. Though it’s understandable they aren’t for everyone. 

What I’m sure we can agree on is that a new build, built from scratch, from the ground up, is the best way to achieve your home goals.

If you would like to hear more about how Bespoke Norfolk Group can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.