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We’ve spoken about trends before, about how construction is no different to any other industry when it comes to trends. They come and go, some last longer than others and some go beyond the ‘trend’ phase and become no-brainers. 

One trend picking up steam lately has been the modernisation of our homes. Where some houses are being built from the ground up with a modern-look goal in mind, others are taking what they already have and putting a modern twist on their features and then there are some who are completely revamping their spaces to turn them into something more modern. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal taste and style. But if you’re one of those people who can’t get enough of the modern look, big or small, then this blog is worth a read. 



To start, we’re kicking off with one of the smaller ways you can modernise your home. Looking around, you may have noticed a lot of houses’ window frames coloured black and if you’re like us, you’re loving the contrast of the black frames against the brick. It’s a simple step to take in transforming the exterior of your home to look that little bit more modern and pristine. 

We’re all for small ideas and projects that have a huge effect on the style of a property. This is even one you could do all by yourself with a lick of black paint, a brush and your sturdiest ladder. 


Nothing quite says modern like a free, airy, open space for you to live. Open plan living is seen as one of the main variables to achieving the modern look. So, to have your home lacking space and being filled with clutter may not give off that exclusive vibe you’re going for. 

It’s not just homes looking for that modern design that should consider adding in some space-saving features, as every property could do with some extra storage room. 

To take your space-saving features to the next level, try implementing some built-in storage spaces. A built-in wardrobe for the master bedroom, perhaps? Or, how about a set of built-in cupboards for the dining room or lounge? 


Recently, we’ve been seeing and hearing that natural lighting has become an essential part of a home, being at the top of most potential homebuyers’ wishlists. 

Having the opportunity to usher some natural light into your home, over artificial light, is seen as one of those amazing features that really sell a home and can help to create that cool, modern feel that we are after. 


So, there we have a few modern design trends that we are seeing more and more of recently. We hope these can serve as inspiration for those of you trying to achieve the modern household. 

Of course, there is one way you can achieve the exact modern paradise you are looking for. And that is with a complete renovation. Here at Bespoke Norfolk Group, we are renovation experts, having completed many renovation projects for previous clients of ours. You don’t have to take our word for it, visit our ‘projects’ page to see for yourself and hey, you might just find that dash of inspiration you were looking for. 

For more information on how we could help you with renovating your property, get in contact with us today and we’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions you may have.

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