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There comes a point in time when we realise our bedroom could do with an update. You may have been surviving on the same beaten-up mattress for several years or have found yourself sleeping with half of the house’s clutter stored across the bedroom floor. 

You may just simply be after a slight change up for your bedroom but don’t have the funds to spring out on a complete renovation. Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways you can update your bedroom without the need for renovation. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. 



The most important aspect of any bedroom is the bed. When searching for a bed fit for the master, you may want to do your fair share of research and shopping around. 

The first thing to think of is what type of bed frame you would like. Nowadays, with the number of different bed frames on the market, different ones are more appealing to others and vice versa; not necessarily just by their ability to hold a mattress, but also by what extra they can offer. 

To help you find the bed frame perfect for you, think of what your bedroom as a whole could benefit from. If clutter and compactness are a pain in your neck, then perhaps an Ottoman or Divan should be considered. Maybe, entertainment and a touch of modern living are what you’re after – so, choose a TV bed frame. And if you’re after elegance, then a four-poster bed frame achieves that easily. 

Then, it’s time to decide on your mattress. Once again, with the current market of mattresses, you’re spoilt for choice. There’s innerspring, foam and memory foam, hybrid, adjustable and many more. Be sure to look around and experiment to find the one for you. 



Should you have the space, adding a simple chair, small sofa or chaise lounge is a great way to level up your bedroom. Doing this creates a whole new dynamic for the room and opens it up to so much more potential. Suddenly your bedroom has gone from just an area you sleep and get ready in, to a place you can sit and relax in with a good book, somewhere to unwind with your partner or watch TV when the living room is being hogged by the kids. 

You could even go as far as to say that just by adding a seating function to your bedroom, you have created your own little snug that can be used in different ways. 


How do you make a bedroom your own? By personalising, of course. This is where you can let your creativity run wild. Create a colour palette for your bedroom, matching the colour of the walls to the sheets or the pillows to the shade of the wardrobe – it’s completely up to you. 

Plus, you can’t go wrong with the sentimental touches, like family photos, framed on the walls, ornaments special to you, stacked upon the drawers and so on. 

You’d be surprised at how much your bedroom can change with just a simple lick of fresh paint and a general small revamp and move-around. 


There you have just a handful of ways your bedroom can be turned into your new oasis. Of course, there is only so much you can do yourself to update your bedroom. If you’re serious about wanting a change, then a bedroom renovation is your best bet. At Bespoke Norfolk Group, we work with the best interior designers to create a space you’ll love – get in touch with us today to see how we can help you. 

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