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Almost every homeowner has been in a situation where a room in their home is just too small. It may be so small that you feel there is nothing to do with it, so what is there to do besides use that room for storage or some other wasted purpose?

Of course, there’s always the idea of converting that smaller room into something, like a bathroom, or even knocking a wall down to turn two small neighbouring rooms into one big room. But don’t worry, this isn’t a blog on how to convert your small room, this is a blog on how to make a small room look bigger. Yes, it is possible to do and doesn’t require too much DIY. 

There are several ways of making a small room feel bigger that you can get started on straight away after reading this blog, so let’s get right into it. 



When a room in your home is lacking floor space, you have to use up as little as possible, which is why using the available wall space is such a good idea. There are so many wall-hung items you can incorporate into your room. If it’s a small bedroom you’re tackling, instead of having a large free-standing mirror, opt for a simple wall-hung mirror instead. If you’re dealing with a small home office, use shelves and wall-hung cabinets for storage. 

We invite you now to go and take a look at your small room in question, think about what you want in there, and now think what things can take up wall space, as opposed to the floor space – save that for the things that can’t go up on the walls, like chairs and tables. 



Every room needs furniture, that’s a given. Yet there are so many different types of individual pieces of furniture and some were made with small rooms in mind. Shopping around and researching furniture specifically for smaller rooms can pay off big time. 

Some examples that spring to mind are ottoman and divan beds – these are the ones that come with storage space underneath the mattress; all you have to do is lift the bed up or pull at the underneath drawers and you have your bed and handy storage space taking up the same amount of space. You could also consider folding tables, mirror cabinets and there are so many other examples. 

Multi-functional furniture is the saviour of the small room disaster and it’s often forgotten about – don’t make that mistake yourself. 



It’s commonly known that making a room bright and light makes that room look bigger. You may have heard interior designers, architecture experts or even home renovation amateurs say this exact statement. But how does it actually work so well?

It is essentially an optical illusion. Light, soft colours reflect more light which makes the space feel open and free-flowing. Using colours like light blues and greens is a better option against the darker counterparts because dark shades tend to absorb all the light, leading to a room that looks dark and feels enclosed. 

Even though it is an optical illusion at the end of the day, it’s an incredibly effective way of making a small room look bigger. 



When you set yourself on the task of decluttering a small room, be as committed to that goal as possible – this room is already small, so we don’t want to crowd it with stuff that doesn’t need to be in there. 

When you tidy a room and everything is neatly tucked away, don’t you feel like the room has more space? That’s because it does. Instead of the room being a mess with items covering the floor, walls covered with pictures, and piles of rubbish accumulating, we want the room’s floor to be mostly visible and free of clutter, the walls are to be plotted with only a few things, rather than covered with many, and everything else needs to be arranged and out of sight. 



Lastly, we have the tip of creating a focal point for your small room. This gives a room order and meaning, as opposed to being a chaotic space that has no flow. What do we mean by a focal point? This is the main element of the room that draws attention. In the kitchen, it’s likely the dining table, in the living room, it could be the TV or fireplace, or in the bedroom, the bed is the focal point.

Where a small room is concerned, establish the focal point and construct the room around it, but be particular with what you include, we want to keep the attention on the focal point as well as avoid making the room cramped with too much stuff. 



There you have it, it is possible to make a small room look bigger! Don’t see the space in that room go to waste and create the perfect room for you. Remember, that if you’re not happy with the size of your home or the rooms inside, why not renovate?

More and more people are choosing to improve their homes with renovation. Join the movement and fall back in love with your home. Speak to our team today to get started. 

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