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Curb appeal may be very important to you, or you may not care much about how your property looks from the outside. Whether you’re picky over your curb appeal or have never really given it much thought, it’s a topic worth knowing about, especially for homeowners. 

What is curb appeal? It’s how the exterior of your property looks from the outside. The idea is for homeowners to be conscious of how a passer-by will see their home from the curb. Imagine a property listing on an estate agent’s website; that first shot of the outside of the house, often taken from the front, is that home’s curb appeal. 



Curb appeal is an important aspect of any property for two reasons:

  • Aesthetic – To some people, how the outside of their home looks is incredibly important. After all, who wouldn’t want their home to look nice when viewed from the curb by others?
  • Time to sell – Curb appeal is a massive factor in the home buying/selling process. Sometimes, it can be the deciding factor between a house being sold or remaining on the market. 

Even if you’re never planning to sell your home, you never know what may happen and if the exterior of your property isn’t properly looked after, it may never look as good as it once did ever again, leading to the possibility that no one will want to buy it. 

Caring about your curb appeal comes with another advantage for your home. If you’re taking care of the exterior of your property—keeping it clean and tidy—you will also be keeping your home well maintained, which keeps the structure of your house from failing, for example, keeping your roof clean and clear of debris will prevent moss from growing which could affect the roof’s quality and weaken it over time. 



We’ve now covered what curb appeal is and why it’s important, but how do you actually improve your home’s curb appeal? It’s quite simple, you just have to keep the exterior of your property clean and look after it. 

Here are some pointers to get you started. 



What we mean by your property’s hard surfaces are things like driveways, paths, patios and so on. These may not be what we think to be the most important aspects of our homes, but when it comes to curb appeal, they are paramount. 

These hard surfaces are going to be some of the first things someone viewing your home from the curb will see. If yours are looking a tad lacklustre, perhaps an entire home renovation, including those outside elements, is just what you need. 

Picture a new and refreshed driveway that isn’t mirky or stained in front of your home. A nice pathway made up of bespoke materials that leads straight to your home from the curb.

At Bespoke Norfolk Group, we love adding bespoke touches to big projects. For example, if you hired us to erect an extension for you, we could also revitalise your outside space!



The garden is an important accompaniment to any home and it pays off to be green-fingered. Knowing all we now know about curb appeal, it goes without saying how important the front garden can be. 

Even if you don’t have the talent for gardening, keeping it tidy could mean doing as little as giving the hedges an occasional trim and arming yourself with some weed killer when the time calls for it. For those who really don’t care for gardening, you could hire a local garden services provider to regularly touch up the green in front of your home. 



There are so many ways that a construction company, like Bespoke Norfolk Group, can help you out with concerns you may have about your property, even a concern like wanting to improve the curb appeal of your home. 

While we don’t exclusively work on your home’s exterior, we’re always happy to include such a service as part of a larger project, such as a full home renovation. Speak to our team today and let us see what we can do for you.