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It’s almost the new year, which also means that right now is a great time to think about what your new year’s resolution for 2023 will be. We all know the classics: ‘I want to lose weight in the new year’ or ‘this will be the year I take up a new hobby’. 

There are also other resolutions you may have in mind, like wanting to improve your mental health, or perhaps you would like to create a more enjoyable home life for yourself and those you live with. We’re big supporters of resolutions such as these; so much so that we wanted to help in the best way we know how to. 

So in this blog, we’re going to run through some tips and ideas on how you can improve your home life in 2023, which in turn, will hopefully have a positive impact on your mental health. 



If there’s one claim we wholeheartedly stand behind, it’s that natural light can do wonders for us humans. 

With extreme cases like Covid, and more minor circumstances like cold weather, nowadays, we are spending most of our time indoors. One negative aspect of this is that we are not getting good enough doses of natural light. Which, by the way, offers us so many benefits. 

Natural light helps us with:

  • Boosting our vitamin D (whether you are getting your dose of natural light indoors or outdoors, you’ll be getting your fill of Vitamin D)
  • Keeping us focused 
  • Improving our circadian rhythm and sleep 
  • Making us happier

With all of these benefits, and there’s even more where they came from, it’s no wonder we are advocates of homes getting enough natural light. This can be achieved in multiple ways, such as adding gable end windows, bi-fold doors and rooflights to your home.



Regular readers of our blog have seen us mention open plan layouts time and time again; we just can’t get enough of this type of layout in a home. Now, more and more are joining us in this appreciation of open plan living and introducing it into their homes, whether that’s by adding an extension, or renovating their homes. 

An open plan layout is a way of opening up the inside of your home and basically opting for large multi-functional rooms over a handful of several smaller rooms that are closed off and hidden away by walls. 

So, how exactly does an open plan layout for your home improve your home life? It brings everyone living in the home closer together, more light and air are allowed to flow more freely, it’s easier to keep an eye on everyone – eliminating worry, and it’s great for entertaining a few guests to hosting your own parties. 



Sometimes, our homes are just seen as a roof over our heads and somewhere to eat our meals, when in reality, a home is so much more than that; it’s your sanctuary, an extension (pardon the pun) of yourself, and somewhere for you to relax and unwind. 

In short, your home should be your getaway that is bold with character and has its own personality to make you feel safe and comfortable. 

Think about it, would you rather live in a bland, empty, colourless, odourless and dark house or would you prefer to live in a home that has walls painted with your favourite colours, fresh and bright plants, pictures of loved ones on the walls, and filled with sentimental touches? We think we know which option you’re imagining yourself in. 



We believe that the place you call ‘home’ matters tremendously. It’s why we do what we do – turning people’s dreams of what their home could be into reality. 

A healthy mind and body start at home, and there are plenty of ways you can work on your home to enhance your well-being when you work with a professional homebuilding company like Bespoke Norfolk Group. 



If you’re after ways of making your life at home easier for you and your family, we hope this blog has helped you out with a few ideas on how to do so. Maybe this has sparked your eagerness to have the home you want in 2023, if so, speak to our team about it today.