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Unfortunately, there are many of us homeowners who have not been so fortunate in the kitchen department where size is concerned. Of course, we’re talking about the common case of a small kitchen. 

Having a small kitchen can often feel like you are in a constant battle with clutter and compactness with one arm tied behind your back! Yet, there are ways you can learn to peacefully coexist with your smaller kitchen. 

So, let’s talk about our top tips for living with a small kitchen. 



This is something you can put into practice right away. By using this simple process of assigning dedicated areas of your kitchen, you are ensuring that all the possible space you have (never mind how little it is) is being used up. Because in a small kitchen space is everything. 

Get the whole family onboard and start dividing your kitchen and assigning the zones. For example, use the area by the cooker for all of your meal prepping and cooking and another area, by the sink, is the cleaning station. You could even have a special zone just for drinks. 

It may be a simple method but you can’t argue its effectiveness. 


If you’re still struggling with the lacking space then it’s time to turn to your wall space as your saviour. This is for when all of your surface and existing storage space is already being taken up. Just take a moment to look at your kitchen walls, is there room for some extra storage additions? 

If there is, great, you can start making the most of that space by adding such things as a nifty spice rack, or maybe it can be as little as adding a few hooks to hang up your cooking utensils. 

Having ample wall space is great as you can even go as far as to introduce some more wall-hung cabinets. All of that extra storage has then been achieved without taking up any floor space. 


Have you ever considered adding a folding table to your kitchen? It’s true that not every kitchen needs a table for dining but having one definitely has its best benefits. Providing you with somewhere to sit and enjoy meals together as a family being one of them. 

But if you have a smaller kitchen than most, you may have or are considering removing the table that just takes up too much space. This is where a folding table comes in as a lifesaver. 

Nowadays, there is a whole range of stylish, clever and handy folding tables available to buy. Most come with the added bonus of doubling up as extra storage space with their own shelves and drawers included. So, when you don’t need somewhere to sit, fold the table up and store it in a corner or up against the wall and it will act as somewhere to store a few bits and bobs. Then when it’s time to plate up, just simply unfold your table and take a seat. 



We hope you found these small kitchen tips useful and maybe some of you will go away and start actioning these. 

Though our final tip is the best solution to all of your small kitchen aches and pains. The answer is to improve with Bespoke Norfolk Group. This can be achieved by adding an extension onto your property to give you more space. If the kitchen is your main concern, we would say that a kitchen diner extension is perfect for you. 

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our team today and we’d be happy to help.