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How to fall back in love with your home

So you’ve maybe fallen out of love with your current home, and have been struggling with the dilemma of whether or not to sell, and find your dream home, or stay put.

Well what if we told you, you could stay put AND have your dream home?

If you stay put in your current home, you may have equity in your home that you can release to help you fund making some alterations that would give it a new lease of life. Below are some things to consider:


Considering that the top reason that people often want to move home is simply because they need more space, it would make sense then to conclude that if you could create more space within your home now, you could be happy where you are.

There are countless ways to create extra space. Your could add a porch to your property for the twofold purpose of bringing a nice facelift to the property, and creating essential space for taking of shoes etc when entering the home so that you’re not walking straight into the lounge.

Perhaps you have a terraced house with the classic ‘slim kitchen’ to the rear of the property with a  small path leading into a garden running alongside it? Why not do without that pathway and instead extend out the kitchen!

Garage’s can often go wasted, so this could be converted and connected to the house via a glazed walkway – this would create a whole entire room you never had before!

Many of our clients choose to take down their outdated and not fit for purpose conservatory and replaced it with an extension to open up and create a real social space for the family – a kitchen / diner space!

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Change the layout

It could be just as simple as needing to change the layout of your rooms around, or that you need to change the purpose of each room. Maybe your lounge and dining room need to swap. Maybe your bedrooms need to swap – or maybe it goes a little further than that and you would like to change the layout within the confines of the 4 walls you have without extending.

It could be that one room feels a lot bigger than necessary but the next room just doesn’t have enough space and you feel you could create more? Or maybe you could put up a wall in the kitchen to create a much needed pantry?

For simple changes you can probably tackle them yourself, but things that are more complex might involve a structural engineers, so it’s always best to get some advice – something which Bespoke Norfolk Group are always happy to help advise on.

Improve the Kitchen

I don’t about you, but the kitchen can be the central hub of most homes. Most members of the family seem to gravitate towards there the majority of the day. So if you don’t feel really proud of your kitten, then it’s no wonder you have fallen out of love with your home!

Again, there are a vast number of ways you can improve on your kitchen from small scale improves to completely renovating it, so let’s have a think about a few along those lines. Firstly small scale changes might be, to update the colour of the kitchen units – it takes a fair amount of work to sand down the doors and drawers, prime and paint them. But with new colour and new handles you could really transform the look of your kitchen!

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Perhaps that wouldn’t be enough, and the kitchen is in dire need of replacing – in which case, use the opportunity to speak to experts like Bespoke Norfolk Group who can advise on whether your layout works best, and work with you on a smooth installation.

But maybe that’s still not quite going to cut it, and as well as a new kitchen fit, you would like to take the opportunity to extend the space as well as renovate, opening up the space with bifold doors into the garden and flooding light in with glazed ceiling lights. Perhaps this new space would help you feel invigorated in your home and like you have fallen back in love with it.

Facelift your property

We have worked on countless examples of properties that look completely outdated and we have brought them back to life with render and cladding – so much so that you almost wouldn’t believe it were the same property!

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So what is render? Rendering is the process of applying cement mixture to external, or sometimes internal, walls to achieve a smooth or textured surface. It is similar in technique to plastering.

The term house cladding basically encompasses any facing material that is fixed to the exterior of a house. It can be fixed directly to the wall (as with stone cladding, for example) or nailed on to timber battens (as in the case of timber cladding).

Combining both render & cladding is a winning combination and very popular for achieving a modern affect on a property. It also protects the structural walls beneath it from the external elements (moisture, temperature changes and the like) and can also incorporate insulation.

Food for thought

So we have covered a few ways in which we believe we could help you fall back in love with your home. If you would like to discuss and of them further, then we are just on the other end of a phone call.

Bespoke Norfolk Group have the skills and resources to make your plans happen, down to the finishing touches. We can take care of every step, from planning permission and drawing packages to structural work and interior design.

Our meetings, estimates and quotes are free of charge and without any obligation. To get a conversation started, simply fill in the contact form on our site here.