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How do I get through Planning Permission?

So, you’re thinking about either building, or extending your property, but you need planning permission and you have no idea where to begin? Don’t worry, it can be a very daunting process!

If you are unsure whether or not you need planning permission, the basics are that generally, if you want to either build something new, make a major change to your building, or change the use of your building, you will need planning permission from your local authority.

There are costs involved with applying for planning permission which are £462 for a new single dwelling and £206 for an extension. Your application will also need to include a signed ownership certificate for the land; a plan of the site; a block plan; elevations of the existing and proposed sites and a Design and Access statement.

When making their decision, the local authority will take many factors into consideration before granting planning permission. These ‘material considerations’ include:

  • Design
  • Loss of privacy
  • Parking
  • Traffic impact
  • Noise
  • Listed buildings or conservation areas
  • Previous planning decisions
  • Disabled access
  • Government policy
  • Impact on nature
  • Time

On the whole this process usually takes up to 16 weeks, and there can be objections from either the public or a councilor to contend with. If you are refused planning permission you can re-apply or appeal.

Alternatively, if you are considering building your dream space with Bespoke Norfolk, we can take the hassle and stress out of this process for you with our drawing package. We enjoy working with a range of architects in Norfolk, purposely choosing to do this rather than bring it in-house, so that we can truly make the design bespoke to the client.

For a fixed fee we will first instruct for an architectural survey of your property to take place on the property and we will discuss your requirements with one of our professional architectural technicians. After surveying your property, Bespoke Norfolk will produce preliminary drawings, taking in your requirements and offering two or more design options. These drawings are there to be adjusted as necessary and work on to make them exactly what you require.

After this point we then work with planning officers to submit your drawings to the local authority. It’s important to note at this stage that Bespoke Norfolk have 100% success rate with applications we have submitted for our clients. Because we work in the trade, we know what will pass and what will be refused so we are able to offer you all of our advice along the way. With us, planning applications will take 8 weeks.

After we receive your planning permission, we will then produce building regulation and working drawings which are then sent to building control for them to serve the initial notice and confirm our plans. Once we have working drawings, our structural engineer can then begin work on producing calculations for all steel, foundations, roof details and any other intricate details.

All of this information allows Bespoke Norfolk to produce a fixed and detailed quotation for our client, with no stone unturned, so that there are no hidden ‘extras’ further down the line. The drawing package has been created to help our client move quickly through the build process, so that they are closer to living in their dream space.

To find out more on how our drawing package can help you, fill out the contact form here and quotes team will be in touch! Our initial meetings are free, and they can be arranged either face to face or if preferred, we can arrange a virtual meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you!