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Extending your home isn’t just about making your property larger. A home extension comes with several benefits that can improve lifestyle and can also lead to you making more money.

If you are thinking about adding an extension to your property, whether that be single or two-storey and for whatever purpose, and you are unsure whether to undertake the project or not, then this blog is for you. 


Lifestyle Improvement

For some of us, we naturally grow out of our current living situation. That could be down to the family expanding with children, having to start working from home, wanting guests to stay over more often, and so on. Whatever the reason, extending your property eliminates the reason for having to move to a bigger house and allows you to stay in the home and location you love.

An extension, ultimately, means more space for you, allowing you to fall back in love with your home. It can encourage a more open-plan living style which can also lead to lowered stress levels and a calmer household, improving yours and anyone who lives there mood.


It is well known that a quality-built extension can add value to your property. So, further down the line, when the time comes for you to want to sell your property, you could be looking at a (depending on the type of extension) 5-12% increase in your properties overall value.

To make sure your property receives an increase in value from an extension, you want to be sure it is of good quality, installed by a reliable construction company, like Bespoke Norfolk Group. We have multiple quality extensions as part of our portfolio, which can be accessed through the ‘Case Studies’ section on our website. 

The Perfect Extension For You 

Here at Bespoke Norfolk Group, we have experience in all types of different extensions. Depending on what you want out of yours, there are plenty of different extensions for you to choose from. If you’re after just a little bit of extra space for extra storage or a quiet nook for reading your favourite book in peace, then, perhaps, a single-storey extension would suit you best. Looking for the space to create a whole extra bedroom and bathroom for your property? A two-storey extension would be perfect. 

We are also experts in timber frame extensions – great for those who want an extension built quickly in a more energy efficient way. If you’ve got your eye on a new kitchen, then a kitchen extension is certainly something we can help with.


Final Thoughts 

To sum up this blog post, extensions are an amazing way to improve lifestyle and can easily lead to you making more money in the future.

Whatever needs, desires and requirements you want from your extension, Bespoke Norfolk Group are the best choice around. Our experience and skills have allowed us to make countless extension dreams come true for our clients. 

Nothing is too much or too little for us. Whatever you’re after, remember to build bespoke. 

If you would like to hear more about extensions and how we can help you, do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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