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As we slowly but surely make our way towards winter, we’re thinking about the end of the year and the beginning of 2023. As many associate the new year with starting anew, we’ve also been thinking about how people can achieve this with their homes. 

One thing we have seen rise in popularity is extensions. More people than ever are extending their homes and creating some truly amazing additions to their properties. 

So that, in turn, got us thinking about what makes an extension look great, what are the current extension trends? That’s when we had the idea to combine the approaching new year with some of our favourite extension trends to create this blog. If you’re thinking a brand new house extension would make a great new year’s resolution and you need some inspiration, keep on reading. 



Installing a gable end window onto your extension takes it from standard to stunning! We love this extension addition for the obvious reason that it makes your property look breathtaking with a real design statement, but also for its practicality. 

As you can imagine, with a window like this, the amount of natural light your home will receive is on another level. Lovers of the outdoors and nature can also ogle over the views around your property through this magnificently large window. 

Render and cladding renovation to home


Another welcomed addition to any extension is the introduction of bifold doors. Often seen included with kitchen, living and dining room extensions, these doors create a seamless transition from the inside of your home to the outside and into your garden. 

Similar to the gable end window, bifold doors come with the benefit of allowing plenty of natural light to flood your home. Though perhaps more costly than other doors, there’s no denying this sleek design and handy product makes a fine addition to any room that leads to a garden. 


Timber frame extensions have risen in popularity in recent years and that’s down to several reasons. To name a few, these types of extensions are often quicker and generally cheaper to build, and timber being a sustainable material means a more ecologically friendly project.

An extension built with timber also means a more energy-efficient extension, perfect for when the months get colder. A timber wall is usually thinner, allowing more space for insulation, the timber frame is sealed to prevent moist air from getting inside and timber will heat up faster than a masonry wall. 



This is another brilliant addition to any extension or home for that matter. Adding modern cladding to the exterior of your extension immediately adds character; it’s a way to easily modernise your extension and home overall with a gorgeous look. 

Adding cladding also helps with insulation to keep your extension nice and warm, maintenance to help you out with keeping your extension in great shape and can boost the curb appeal of your home. 


There you have our round-up of some extension trends we hope to see more of in the new year. Even if you haven’t gone and added these entries to your extension wishlist, we hope you have come away with a little bit of inspiration. 

Do you have a 2023 extension project in mind? Get in contact with our team today and let’s make it happen. 

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