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Bespoke Norfolk Group are veterans of the home construction industry and so we have more than a few incredible home extension projects under our belts. 

More and more people are turning to home extensions as a way of enlarging their homes and improving their home life, so quality house extension builders are in high demand. 

While we are certainly being kept busy, we’re always searching for those who are after a complete house extension service that can keep them in a house and area they love. 

In this blog, instead of us telling you what great home extension builders we are, we’re going to show you!



First up in our project spotlight is this gorgeous large kitchen diner extension we completed in Dereham. 

This is one of our best kitchen diner extensions for multiple reasons. Not only does it stand out as a beautifully modern space, but there are also many factors that went into this extension design to ensure it would be absolutely perfect for our clients. 

Why do we love this kitchen diner extension?

  • By extending at the rear of the property, we were able to create this large space that creates the perfect entertaining area
  • As the client wanted this new part of their home to be purely for entertaining, we installed a small utility room tucked out of the way 
  • Through the introduction of bi-fold doors, we could then connect the new space with the back garden (this makes the kitchen and dining area feel bigger and more open)
  • The extended kitchen makes cooking and washing up so much easier 

As we demonstrated with this project, the best kitchen extensions are the ones that can revitalise an inside space with an attractive look, but also offer functionality you may have been missing out on. 



Being a 200-year-old Baptist chapel that was converted into a home, this house was already very special. We were hired to expand on this property’s uniqueness with a single-storey rear extension. 

The popular bi-fold doors were also used with this one-storey extension to connect the inside with the outside – simply lovely for warmer months when we are treated to blue skies and sunshine. 

A one-storey extension could be ideal for your home if:

  • You need just that little amount of extra space to make your property work better for you
  • Fancy a new kitchen, dining room or living space 
  • Live in a bungalow or cottage that lacks space 

It’s safe to say that the owners of this wonderful home have really made this property their own, and building a single-storey extension onto this property was that final touch that has maximised this home’s space. 

These clients of ours were more than happy with what we were able to achieve for them with this single-storey rear extension. So much so that they had nothing but praise for our work – watch their video testimonial.



This time in Dereham, we were on a mission to transform this house into the owner’s dream property with a bespoke two-storey extension. 

Adding a double-storey extension is a great idea for someone who desires more space for their home, but who may not have a large amount of garden space to do so. That’s because when you’re building a two-storey extension, you’re building up rather than just building out. 

For this particular project, this two-storey extension made this home extra accommodating by introducing:

  • A cosy dining space on the ground floor 
  • A handy large extra bathroom on the top floor 
  • An additional bedroom on the top floor 

And just like that, building this small double-storey extension has gained this family an extra three rooms, meaning they would not have to move home in search of a bigger property. 

We love this two-storey extension for many reasons, such as its contemporary exterior cladding, which makes this cottage home stand out from others like it. 

If you would like to hear more about adding an extension to a cottage, we’ve touched on this in our ultimate guide to cottage home renovation.



We love taking a look at home extensions before and after images – it’s amazing to see how much a property can change with just a little hard work. 

Are you hoping to extend your home? Our home extension builders have completed all types of extensions for our clients, including:

  • Kitchen diner extensions 
  • Kitchen extensions 
  • Timber frame extensions 
  • Rear extensions 
  • Side extensions 
  • Single-storey extensions 
  • Double-storey extensions 
  • Link extensions 
  • Bungalow extensions 

You can see examples of all of our different extension projects on our Case Studies page.

To hear more about how we can help, get in touch with our team today.