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From Tired Property to Modern Paradise: A Before and After of Our Latest Renovation Project

As professional home builders, we have taken on and completed a wide array of projects, such as home extensions and renovations to entire new builds. 

But every so often, we like to focus on one great project and tell our customers, followers and friends all about it – what the job was, how we got it done, and the result of our hard work. 

In this blog, we’d like to share with you one of our latest home renovations of a bungalow property in Dersingham. 


The Project 

The Bespoke Norfolk Group team were called out to Dersingham in Norfolk to renovate a small bungalow. 

This property wasn’t just small, but its exterior and interior were seriously lacklustre; looking at it, you would not envision a delightful place to live. Instead of appearing as a nice addition to a pleasant street, the property was an eyesore. 

To ensure we could do this property justice, we wanted to create a modern home that boasts an open-plan living arrangement. Ultimately, we wanted whoever would eventually own this property to feel proud to call this house their home. 


Bungalow Renovation Before and After

You may need to do a double-take when taking a look at the before and after shots of this bungalow.  

What was once a tired, oddball, almost shack-like property has been fully renovated and reimagined into a modern, pristine and unique bungalow – one we’re sure will attract a lot of attention…in a good way. 


Details of the Renovation 

This jaw-dropping transformation didn’t just happen overnight. It was the result of our team’s ability to carefully plan a project down to the finest of details, they implemented their varied and unique skills to work together to create something remarkable, and our commitment to simplifying beautiful home renovations is always the driving force behind our work. 

To achieve this shared goal of creating a bespoke bungalow home, a full renovation of the property was needed. 

With this renovation, both the exterior and interior were worked on. Also, by extending the property, we were able to really reinvent this space, turning it from a tiny bungalow to a spacious home. 

As well as looking great and being crafted to perfection, we’re so proud of this project because of the amazing features this home now holds, such as:

  • Three generously-sized bedrooms 
  • Two brand-new bathrooms 
  • A stunning porch 
  • A secret back garden 
  • Large garden with terrace 
  • An open-plan layout 
  • The new kitchen with an island 


You Could Live Here: Purchase This Norfolk Property 

As of writing this blog, this property is available to purchase right now. Could you see yourself living here? 

Head over to Rightmove to view this property further.