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We all want our homes to look great, right? It’s why full home renovations are so popular and always in demand, but when you have neither the budget nor time for such a massive project, the possibility of having your home fully renovated only lessens. 

Luckily, there are a handful of details we can add to our homes to create a nicer space for ourselves, as opposed to splashing out the cash and clearing our busy schedules for a massive home renovation project. These details can be small, like moving in a new grand piece of furniture. Or you can go a bit bigger by renovating just one commonly used room in the house. 

While there are many things we can do to improve our home’s feel and look, we’re going to run you through our favourites: a mix of big and smaller projects that you may not have thought of. 



You may be thinking that a new staircase isn’t going to completely change the look of your home, and you’d be right, but adding a mesmerising and unique staircase to your home is one of those ways of adding that nice, subtle touch to your home. 

We’ve seen first-hand how a new staircase can elevate a property’s inside space; you’ve got so many variations and designs to choose from – add character with a spiralling set of stairs or create a contemporary vibe with glass or floating steps. 



At the start of this blog, we mentioned how renovating just one room in your home instead of the whole house is a cheaper and less time-consuming way to uplift your home. When going down this route, it’s a good idea to pick a room that you get the most use out of. The lounge, kitchen or bathroom, perhaps. 

We think that choosing the bathroom is a great idea. Often it’s a new bathroom that is at the top of everyone’s home renovation wishlist, and it’s no wonder why when you take into account how much use it receives and by how many people on a daily basis. 

If you want something new in your home that will provide that desired return on investment and something to wow visitors, choose to renovate your bathroom. 




This is one addition to your home that is the burning desire of many, yet it’s often seen as nothing more than an unachievable dream, but if you have the space, budget and the right team, anything is possible, especially a home cinema that will be the envy of all your friends. 

Depending on the space you have available, this could be a relatively easy project to get done. If you have a spare bedroom or even a basement, with the right approach, you could be sitting in your own cinema at home in no time. That leads us nicely to the next point.  



Admittedly, this last home improvement idea is not for everyone, simply because not everyone has a basement to renovate. For those with basements, this is likely a wasted space – used as somewhere for storing last year’s Christmas decorations. Though it doesn’t have to be wasted, you can turn it into practically anything you want!

Take your basement and turn it into a home cinema (like we mentioned before), a games room, a wine cellar, an entertainment room or anything else you want. 



Times are tough right now and a home renovation may be the last thing on your mind, but, hopefully, we’ve given you some smaller ideas of details you can consider adding to your home to give you something new for your property. At the very least, we may have inspired you to look into other smaller ways to change up your home for the better. 

Do you have a home improvement project in mind? Big or small, talk to our Norfolk construction team about it and let’s turn it into a reality. 

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