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different flooring types


There’s no right or wrong way to approach home flooring. If you’re building your home from scratch, you have the freedom to choose whatever flooring you want, but remember that a type of flooring that looks great in one room, may not translate the same to another. 

If you’ve just moved into an older period property and want to change up the flooring, you might have less freedom to explore all of the options out there – you will likely be at the mercy of the home’s particular style. 

Whatever your situation, it’s best to hear about all of the home flooring options available and from that, you can make an informed decision. Sound good? Let’s take a look at the different types of flooring for your home. 



Carpet has been an incredibly popular flooring choice for many of us for what seems like forever. 

New carpeting is an ideal way of turning a cold and plain house into a more inviting and comfortable space; don’t you just love the feel of fresh carpet under your bare feet?

There are a few different types of carpet you can choose from, such as:

  • Simple plain 
  • Loop pile 
  • Saxony 
  • Velvet

As well as coming in various types, carpet can also come in plenty of different colours and patterns, this makes carpet flooring so versatile and enables it to work with different interior home aesthetics and designs. 

People have used carpet in their houses to represent their home’s character, to highlight their favourite pieces of furniture and even express their own character. 



It is very difficult to beat the look that solid wood/hardwood flooring can provide a home. 

Real wood flooring offers that rustic country charm that a lot of us are fans of and want to emulate in our own homes. Though it may be a more pricey option, solid wood flooring can instantly add warmth and character to any room. 

This is the perfect choice of flooring for period properties and homes, such as cottages and converted barns

If you opt for solid wood flooring in your home, expect to have to perform some maintenance every now and again to keep it looking its absolute best at all times. 

That being said, some fans of solid wood flooring have revealed that the odd chip, split and general wear and tear in the wood has actually added to its aesthetic. 



For some, the mention of LVT flooring paints pictures in their heads of plastic-looking floors that are cold to the touch; it’s the type of flooring that’s suitable for office buildings and not homes. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. LVT flooring is a great option for any homeowner who is searching for a flooring type that looks great, is constructed to last and is affordable. 

Luxury vinyl tiling has the massive advantage of coming in a whole range of attractive finishes and textures that look just as good as the real thing. 

Because of this – and its cushioned feel – LVT flooring is a home flooring type that applies to any room in the house. LVT is suitable for:

  • Kitchens 
  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms 
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining rooms



Laminate flooring could be the home flooring investment that is perfect for you, as it has been for so many others. So why is it so popular?

One of the main appeals of laminate would have to be its cost-effectiveness. Even though it comes with a cheaper price tag than others, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on appearance. 

Laminate flooring, when used correctly, can look amazing in a room. With this option, you have access to ample colours, styles and patterns, making it the type of flooring that can work with most rooms, whatever a room’s unique style. 

Lovers of wood and stone flooring can rejoice as opting for this flooring choice means you could install laminate that looks like wood or stone!

If you have pets or kids, you’re onto a real winner with laminate flooring. It is both water and scratch resistant for when those odd accidents occur. 



This home flooring type makes for great bathroom flooring, but it can be used in other rooms as well. 

Like laminate, tile flooring comes in an unlimited number of styles, colours and designs, which means you can really get creative with your flooring. When you have a style of home that works great with tile flooring, you can experiment with different types, like ceramic or porcelain.

As well as the stunning looks you can create with tiling, you’ve also got to put in some work yourself by keeping up some form of regular maintenance – this will help to prevent cracks and chips. 



As we mentioned earlier, real hardwood floors can be expensive, so why not give engineered wood flooring a try? It offers the same beautiful look as wood and comes at a cheaper price. So it’s worth checking out online some engineered wood prices against real wood flooring. 

This flooring is made up of a thin layer of wood on the top and is supported underneath by other materials. 

If you’re a fan of the wooden flooring look, engineered wood delivers that rustic, oaky, countryside look with a wide range of styles available. 

Also, if you’re thinking about adding underfloor heating to your home, engineered wood may be a better option over real wood, which doesn’t do as well with heat and humidity. 



Interior stone flooring has been a popular choice for a very long time. That’s down to its ability to instantly give any room in the house a feel of luxury. 

With both light and dark tones available, stone floors work extremely well in both traditional and modern homes. For traditional, you could choose to go for a more rugged and darker stone, whereas for a modern home, pick light, clean-cut and smooth stone.

Stone kitchen floors have long been an envy of many and it’s no surprise when you see how well real stone flooring works in a kitchen. If you’re included in this bracket of loving stone floors for the kitchen, there is a lot of information online as to what the best stone for kitchen floors is. 

The bathroom is also a room that could be uplifted through the introduction of natural stone flooring. We’ve seen this been pulled off so well in the past. 



Different home floorings are appealing for different reasons, so there isn’t really a clear ‘winner’, so when deciding on the flooring for your home, consider what needs your flooring needs to fulfil. 

If the flooring in your home needs to be able to stand the test of time in a house with children and pets, consider choosing laminate. Or if you want to add some new flooring to your bathroom to help it stand out, go for ceramic tiles. 

Before you buy, use this blog and other resources to help you find the perfect flooring for your home.