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When it comes to extending your home, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. With extensions, it comes down to a few factors leading to which extension is best for you. Those factors can be the size of your property, the space available to build upon, the style of your property and your personal needs and desires. 

That’s why, at Bespoke Norfolk Group, we offer multiple types of extensions, including kitchen extensions, kitchen diner extensions, single-storey extensions, two-storey extensions, bungalow extensions, timber frame extensions, side extensions and rear extensions. 

But how do you know which extension is best for you? A good start is knowing exactly what to expect from each different type of extension. Let’s take a look. 



The kitchen is often seen as the most important room in the household for obvious reasons. A kitchen extension is a way of expanding the size of your kitchen. When it comes to this type of extension, you may be surprised how much even a little bit of extra space can completely transform your kitchen. 


This type of extension takes the kitchen extension a step further. Not every household is fortunate enough to benefit from a dining room, adjoining the kitchen. A kitchen diner extension creates a larger kitchen, as well as offering even more room to implement your very own dining space. 


This type of extension is the perfect option for homeowners who need just that little bit of extra space. You may only need one extra bedroom, a guest room, maybe? Building to specific guidelines will also allow you to build this extension without the need for planning permission under permitted development rights. 


With a two-storey extension, you are opening up the possibility to achieve a lot more space in your home. This type of extension has risen in popularity as the space taken up is minimal – you’re building out a little and then up, so more space at the rear or side of your property is saved than you might expect. 


As a bungalow lacks the second-storey of normal homes, it can be a good idea for bungalow owners to extend as a way of creating more space in their home. Bungalows often benefit from larger gardens, allowing plenty of space for an extension to be built upon. 


Constructing an extension of timber frame has become more sought after as of late. Building with timber often means a quicker build, getting to a watertight stage faster than a regular extension. As timber is a sustainable material, you can feel good about your extension being an eco-friendly building solution. 


A side extension is when an extension is built onto the side of your property. Why would you extend this way? Well, this way, your back garden will not shrink in size and with some homes, it makes more sense than a rear extension as the space at the sides of the household are often wasted. So, why not use up that space to give your home more room?


This is often the more popular way to build an extension, as opposed to a side extension. It’s a great way to use up that unused garden space to create more space for your home with a larger kitchen, adding an extra bedroom, the list goes on and on. 


Most of us feel our homes could benefit from having more space, even if it is just a little. Open plan living is a home layout that has become increasingly popular as a way of, not only, improving the space in your home but leading to a more relaxed and stress-free home life.

Bespoke Norfolk Group offers all of these extension services we have discussed. We have completed countless extension projects, taking an idea and turning it into a reality for our clients.

Perhaps we could do the same for you? Speak to us today about extending your property.