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    Posted July 15, 2022

    There were many contingency effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. One of the big ones being the rise of people working from home. At the height of Covid-19, many of us were told to work from home to avoid spreading the Coronavirus. Now, some of us are still working from home and are not sure when/if we will return to the office at all. 

    Businesses from a number of industries have realised that their day-to-day operations can continue and, even, thrive with staff working from home. 

    So, the importance of a home office has never been so prominent, yet it’s not something that many have at their homes, whether that’s down to space or practicality. But there are ways you can create a home office to improve the quality of your work-from-home lifestyle. 



    Most people don’t even realise or think of the amount of unused space they have in their home, in their loft. Often, we use this space for storage, somewhere to keep the Halloween and Christmas decorations, but think how amazing it would be to convert this space into your very own office. 

    The best part about a loft conversion is it uses up all of your home’s potential, in terms of space and functionality. 


    When space is lacking in your home but a home office is exactly what you need, an extension could be just the ticket. Whether you’re opting for a single or double-storey extension, both options will provide you with enough room to implement your new home office somewhere in your home; you’d be surprised how a little extra space can make such a difference. 

    We have many amazing extension projects showcased on our website to give you a little inspiration for your own home office extension project. 


    You may be in a situation where you suddenly have the space in your home that you might not have had before, the kids flying the nest and leaving behind their old bedrooms, perhaps? So, finally, you have the space for your home office but you don’t have the right layout, or, maybe, the size of the free space is too small. With a renovation, you can alter the arrangement of your home and its rooms to better suit your needs. 



    There has been no better time to have a home office than right now. Despite the reasons being mentioned above when speaking of Covid-19 and its effects on our lives, there are so many other reasons to have a home office, including using this space to relax and unwind with a good book, a place to enjoy hobbies like drawing and writing or even an area to showcase some of your prized possessions. 

    Whatever your goals may be with your home office, Bespoke Norfolk Group has the experience and team best suited for the job for any construction project, whether that’s a loft conversion, extension or renovation. 

    Get in contact with us today to hear how we can help you. 

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