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That’s it, you have reached your limit and now you’ve had enough of your cramped and compact kitchen. With little space to prepare meals and fewer to enjoy said meals at the kitchen table or, perhaps, in the living room, it’s about time you made a change. 

Does this scenario sound familiar? You may have the same feelings towards your own kitchen – that it isn’t quite living up to your needs and providing what you want from one of the most important rooms in your home. 

Small kitchens are a common issue for homeowners across the UK and are often causes for seeking out home improvement through an extension. One of the most popular extensions that we supply is the kitchen diner extension. Introducing a kitchen diner into your home comes with a heap of benefits and today, we’re going to be discussing our favourites. 



This one is kind of a no-brainer but it’s worth addressing. With a kitchen diner extension, after this single project is complete, you are left with two rooms in one. Firstly, you will have your brand new kitchen area, which will introduce more space that will make cooking, prepping and cleaning easier and more efficient. It is even possible, with the added space, to introduce an island to provide even more accessibility and functionality.

Then you have the dining area. A dedicated area to enjoy the food prepared in your new kitchen, a more open space to sit around the table with the people you love – what’s better than that?


Lately, the idea of opening up our homes and engaging in a more open-plan style of living has become incredibly popular. Whether it’s a one-bedroom flat or a three-bedroom home, an open-plan layout seems to be the top entry on nearly every homeowner’s wishlist. 

Introducing a kitchen diner is a great way to open up your home to this desired layout. Like an extension, open-plan living comes with a lot of advantages, such as creating an ideal home life for families by bringing them closer together, for singles and couples, it’s a great way of entertaining guests, and it can also make your home brighter, lighter and more free-flowing. 

So, it’s really no wonder why everyone is after that open-plan style of living. And a kitchen diner extension could help you attain that for yourself. 


It’s well known that improving your home means some lovely added value to your property is coming your way. When done right, an extension, renovation and conversion are all ways you can bag yourself some extra value for when you decide to sell. 

So, how much can you expect to receive if you opt for a kitchen diner extension? The answer is around 15%-20%. This is a rough figure; going off the basis that you are greatly extending a narrow kitchen. 

As we have discussed with open-plan living being so sought after, a home with a kitchen diner area would be very appealing to potential homebuyers – something to think about. 


If you’ve decided that it’s time you improved your home, then a kitchen diner extension could be the answer, as well as providing you with a considerable investment opportunity. 

Bespoke Norfolk Group has taken so many projects from just an idea and turned them into marvellously stunning kitchen diner extensions. So, if you would like more information on how we can help you, get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to help.  

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