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Sometimes it’s not our homes as a whole that need work. You may be one of many people who have just about got their home the way they want it, except for a couple of rooms or just one in general. 

Today we’re going to be discussing one room that is often overlooked when it comes time for a spot of home improvement, and that is the bathroom. It’s arguably one of the most important rooms in our homes; it’s used everyday, at least twice a day by all who live in the house. 

So, why do we make do with what we have and not improve?



We invite you to stop reading this for a moment, get up and go take a look at your bathroom. We’re not asking for a glance either, because, at a short glance, the room may appear fine but when you get up and close, inspecting all the cracks, corners and crevices, you may begin to spot some things you don’t like. 

Most of us tend to adopt a ‘that’ll do’ attitude to our bathrooms and leave them to get more and more outdated and less accommodating. 

Then again, some of you may be thinking that your bathroom is fine the way it is. You have to think about the big picture. If your nice but small bathroom is serving you and your partner well, then that’s okay – what about when you start adding kids to the mix? That small bathroom isn’t going to cut it. 


A bathroom renovation is all about making your bathroom work better for you and fulfilling your needs and desires, whether you’re a family, a couple or living alone. Though deciding to get a bathroom renovation also means you get to have the bathroom of your dreams. If you haven’t given that much thought, then you ought to. 

Picture this, you’re having your new bathroom installed, what do you want the main colours to be? Are you going to want a bath or shower, or both? Think about the walls, flooring, patterns, materials, accessories and so much more. 

If you’re coping right now with a bathroom you’re not all too fond of and one you had no hand in creating, imagine how you’ll feel every morning, evening and in between in a bathroom you love. It’s already well known that making home improvements to suit your personality and character, as well as making changes to suit your everyday life, leads to a more enjoyable time spent in the home you love. 


Did you know that Bespoke Norfolk Group does bathroom renovations? We offer this type of work as part of our home renovation service. We’ve created so many dream bathrooms, taking them from imagination to blaring reality for our customers. 

The great thing about working with us on your bathroom renovation is that we carry out all types of renovation work. So, at the same time as getting a new bathroom, you could also enjoy a kitchen renovation or go all the way with an entire home renovation. 


We love a bathroom renovation project. The ability of what a bathroom can be turned into in just a short amount of time is unbelievable and our past customers agree. 

If you’re interested in having your bathroom renovated or want to hear more about our home renovation services, get in touch with us today and a member of our team will get back to you to discuss your project.