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As a Norfolk construction company working at the highest standards possible, we know what makes a home renovation project, or any home improvement project, for that matter, go smooth and easy, like a tandem rowboat gliding over a calm lake. 

With that being said, that also means we know a fair few things that make for a stressful home renovation. We believe that to truly understand the importance of how a home renovation project should go, you should know both sides – the good and the bad. 

So here it is, our definitive list of the 7 mistakes to avoid when planning for home renovations. 



What’s the first thing that springs to your mind when you think of improving your home? That’s right, it’s money! 

We understand why – home improvement projects aren’t cheap and it’s not something you can try again and again until you get it right. 

Getting the budget wrong is one of the key home renovation mistakes to avoid. Because if the budget isn’t right, your project is dead before it even has a chance to get moving. 

At Bespoke Norfolk Group, we’ve come up with a really simple trick to avoid this costly renovation blunder, and that is, when estimating your budget, give yourself a worst-case scenario figure. This is what you will expect to pay if everything that can go wrong does go wrong. 

While we are certainly not hoping for that outcome, knowing this figure means you can straight away find out if you can afford to go ahead or not. Is the worst-case scenario figure doable or not? 

That’s just one example of how we guarantee our customers the easiest build they’ll ever have.



As we mentioned, money is important with such a big deal as a home renovation, and underestimating the costs one might face is one of the mistakes homeowners make in renovations over and over again. 

With home renovation, there are so many moving parts and all of these come with a price tag. Here’s a reminder of just some of the things that will cost you:

  • The materials needed for your build 
  • The fixtures and features that will be a part of your renovation 
  • The fees for each contractor, such as builders, architects, and surveyors 
  • The cost of planning permission 
  • VAT 

That’s a lot of outgoings and if you don’t do your research on how much these things cost, you may be walking into a financial disaster. 

Here’s some advice and a handy tip for a successful renovation project: keep a contingency sum (of around 20% of your budget) in your back pocket (not literally). Do this alongside your research into costs. 



Before any work can begin, you must, must, must have a concrete plan in place. This may sound like vague advice, but you’d be surprised how many go into such a project without a plan. 

This is perhaps one of the biggest renovation errors to steer clear of, as an ideal home renovation plan will take all of the important pre-build elements into consideration, such as budget, cost, design, surveys, scheduling, and so on. 

Knowing how to plan a home renovation project accurately will save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress, so it’s an area that needs to be taken seriously. 



Planning permission is usually a thorn in the shoe of the hopeful home renovator, and if you don’t understand planning permission, you make that thorn bigger and more painful. 

So what is planning permission? This is when you ask your local planning authority (the planning department of your local council) for permission to build something on a piece of land. 

Though it isn’t just as simple as visiting your local council and passing on a handwritten note. Grants will need to be drafted, conditions met, and guidelines addressed. If you work with a construction company, like Bespoke Norfolk Group, planning permission can be taken care of for you

Did you know that you may not even need planning permission? With home renovation projects, you may well be able to build under permitted development rights



If you’re going to do this project yourself and not go with a design and build construction company, then you will have the job of hiring your contractors. 

This list of very important people exceeds just looking for builders. For a home renovation, you will likely need:

  • An architect
  • Project manager 
  • Interior designer 
  • Electrician 
  • Plumber 
  • Surveyor 

And there could be more. So with so many vital jobs, you need to be on the lookout for qualified, experienced, and genuine contractors. 

Here are some things every great contractor should have:

  • Evidence of years of experience 
  • Past projects they can present to you as part of a portfolio 
  • Testimonials from past customers singing their praises 
  • A genuine interest in you and your project 



This point does relate to the former point because the best contractors out there will likely not be the cheapest. ‘Cowboy Builders’ who charge seemingly amazing prices are more common than ever. 

Though when we say you should avoid going for the cheap option, this relates to more than just contractors and construction companies. You also want to be avoiding renovation pitfalls, such as cheap materials and tools (if you’re doing it yourself). 

House prices are high right now and with more people buying or improving, builders are set at a very high demand, which explains the higher price brackets. Remember that if you see a price that is too good to be true, it most likely is. 



When you take on a home renovation project – whether you’re going forward with a construction company or doing it yourself – there is always a team involved. 

In this team, multiple different things are going on and these different things will all loop around one another and eventually intertwine to create your finished renovation, so having clear communication is key. 

Between builder and client, there is a lot that can potentially be lost in translation, so it’s important to be as involved in your build as possible. 

Even if you decide to work alongside a construction company, don’t be mistaken, this project is still yours – you need to be on hand and easily reachable to make any important decisions, and it’s normally a good idea to listen to your builder and take onboard their expert advice. 

Clear communication = A home improvement project completed on time and on budget. 



Now that we’ve run through our list of common home renovation mistakes, we hope you’re filled with a little more confidence heading into your own home improvement project, and made more aware of the importance of avoiding renovation mishaps.

It’s essential to note that all of these key mistakes to avoid in home upgrades are all but eliminated when you work with a start-to-finish construction company like Bespoke Norfolk Group. 

Our team is always available to discuss exciting new home renovation projects, so get in touch with us today and schedule a free meeting with us. 

In the meantime, explore the rest of our blog for some more tips for a successful renovation project, insider advice, and completed past projects.