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    Bespoke Norfolk Group partner with Norfolk Charity, Nelson’s Journey

    Bespoke Norfolk Group are delighted to announce that we have selected Nelson’s Journey, the leaders in supporting bereaved children and young people in Norfolk, as our first ever charity to collaborate with.

    We believe the work they do is incredibly important in our community and resonates particularly strongly with many of our customers and staff. This partnership supports our commitment to support our local community.

    We will be supporting Nelson’s Journey throughout the partnership by engaging our colleagues & clients in a range of fundraising activities. Offering our time and skillsets for any volunteering opportunities. And finally we will be offering the opportunity for our clients to donate, with a matched contribution from us.

    Who are Nelson’s Journey?

    Nelson’s Journey are a Norfolk charity that supports children and young people up to their 18th birthday who have experienced the death of a significant person in their life. Their aim is to improve the emotional well-being of bereaved children in a number of ways: increasing their confidence and self-belief, providing education about the causes of death and enabling families to talk openly about their bereavement.

    Why Nelson’s Journey?

    Nelson’s Journey’s vision is that every bereaved child in Norfolk will look forward to a positive future, empowered to reach their full potential.

    As a young energetic company, family is at centre of what we do. When we create a space – we’re creating a something to not only look beautiful, but to be inclusive to every family member. So it was exceptionally important to us, that we partnered with a charity who are also having a positive impact and making a difference to families lives.

    What Nelson’s Journey Said:

    We are thrilled that Bespoke Norfolk Group have chosen to support us. It’s fantastic to be working with such a great company who are dedicated to giving back to their local community. Thank you so much for your support in helping us move forward with our services and more importantly ‘bringing back smiles to bereaved children’.

    For more information on the fantastic work that Nelson’s Journey do or to donate please visit https://www.nelsonsjourney.org.uk

    Extension & Renovation in Attleborough, Norfolk

    Bespoke Norfolk Group recently completed on the extension and renovation of parts of a lovely cottage in Attleborough, Norfolk. Being an old cottage, the property had plenty of character with a small winding staircase at the front of the property, and small rooms which needed to be adapted to better suit the living requirements of the clients who had bought it.

    Our clients purchased the property with existing ideas which they needed to adapt slightly to create more space – so they began working with an architect, and with the help of Bespoke Norfolk Group to help them realise the potential of what they could achieve with their space, planning permission for works to begin was quickly approved.

    One of the most major changes to the property was to block up the small staircase at the front of the house, which then created an amazing storage cupboard in the lounge. Blocking this staircase also meant that the room above it, a bathroom, could be made much larger and renovated accordingly. With the removal of that staircase, a new central staircase was installed which unlocked the whole second storey area by creating a new landing, three bedrooms and a much more spacious family bathroom.

    This new central staircase really allowed for ideas that our clients had not really explored before such as in the second storey bedroom, the bulkhead of the staircase created a natural space to install a bookcase. Our clients were particularly impressed by the craftsmanship involved when creating both the bespoke bookcase and built in wardrobe stating “We are so pleased with how both installations have turned out and that was all down to the care and skills of the guys on site.”

    Downstairs, an old dilapidated conservatory has been renovated into a beautiful light and airy open plan kitchen diner space, featuring gorgeous oak framed windows. Running behind the kitchen diner is a utility room and en-suite bathroom for the fourth bedroom that was created downstairs.

    We caught up with our clients on how they came about choosing Bespoke Norfolk Group as their chosen contractor for their project. We came recommended by a previous client who had works completed over in Mulbarton, and an appointment was arranged with one of our managing directors, Stuart, who came out to view the space. It was really Stuart’s enthusiasm for the project and vision for what could be achieved that invigorated our clients to want to proceed with the works.

    Bespoke Norfolk Group’s dedicated project manager’s and office based team, made quick preparations for getting the work booked in and works were able to start around a month later. The whole project was able to run smoothly based on the fact that our clients were in a position to be able to move into other accommodation whilst most of the works were being carried out.

    The finished results are stunning and we love this project as it is a perfect example of how you can open up properties with character that typically tend to feature small spaces. If you’re reading through this blog and wondering if you could do something similar with your space – it’s completely FREE for one of our professionals to come out to your property and offer advice or price up for a quotation.

    Simply use the contact form here on our website to get in touch today and we will arrange the rest!

    Adapting a home for disabled access

    Whether you are creating a home from scratch or adapting an existing home, it’s important that you take the time to think about what you need from that home both now, and in the future.

    For those who have a disability, it is incredibly vital that a home is both functional and comfortable and if you can merge both of those into something which is also aesthetically pleasing, then you could really improve quality of life.

    Whilst this home may need to be accessible to disabled residents, it is also important that your home caters for the needs of everybody who lives there.

    In this blog we look through some of the considerations when planning an adaptation of any kind.

    An accessible home needs to be considered from the perspective of a wheelchair user or someone with impaired senses or cognitive ability. They will need to have extra space and not feel cramped in the home. Any new layouts should follow a simple navigation path and be as open plan as possible. Doorways should be wider-than-standard with flooring and thresholds flush to allow for free movement.

    Consider also handles on doors. A lever is preferable as it doesn’t need to be twisted or gripped, however a more uncomplicated solution such as a key card entrance system could work really well.

    In addition you will need to offer a really straightforward solution for access between a car and the house. Plenty of space will be needed for transitioning a wheelchair from a vehicle via a ramp, and then a gentle gradient pavement leading to the front door.

    Integrated storage solutions throughout the rooms of the house are essential to allow for free movement for the resident and other guests.

    As mentioned earlier in the blog – a Bespoke Norfolk Group conversion is designed to cater for the needs of everybody living in the home, with the end goal being that those with reduced mobility feel they can use everything in the home just as freely as anyone else.

    Bespoke Norfolk Group were chosen to convert a Norfolk home to make it more accessible for the entire family. A major part of these works included redesigning the ground floor to add new and improved living space for a member of the family and their carer.

    The rooms we created included an accessible en-suite bedroom with attached therapy room – with all three spaces sporting a brand-new hoist system in place to aid with accessibility. The en-suite was redesigned as Wet Room, complete with hydrotherapy bath and changing bench. Along from the accessible bedroom, we designed a bedroom for the carer (which was also en-suite) and a carer’s duty room.

    Flooring throughout the entire lower level of the building was adjusted to be perfectly flat. We also undertook extensive landscaping outside so that the internal and external ground was the same height and sat flush. Part of that work included lowering the external doors and widening internal door frames for extra wheelchair mobility.

    On top of all this, the entire 1st floor of the home was renovated, with the lounge, kitchen, dining room, living room, WC and bathroom all receiving a fresh renovation for a more modern, practical living environment.

    We know how important your conversion is, and we are here to help along the journey. To arrange a FREE no obligation meeting with one of our friendly professionals, simply fill out our contact form here and start your journey today!

    Extension to a property in Hingham

    This next featured project is something we completed on this year, but for our clients, has really been 10 years in the making.

    This fabulous traditional property in Hingham, was bought 10 years ago by our clients, with some existing plans to extend, knowing that they would either have to complete the expansion work one day, or move home.

    Although they changed the plans a little from the original proposal, they were in a position to go ahead with works as of 2019, and put their plans out for quotes from contractors to make this their forever home.

    The works to this property included adding a porch to the front of the house, which changed the aspect of the front door. Joining the main house to a small garden room, via an extension which created a beautiful light and airy open plan kitchen / diner space with views out onto the courtyard. Moving the kitchen to this extension then repurposed the room the kitchen was in originally, to a new spare bedroom / reception room for the family.

    In addition they also added a second storey to another part of the property which created both an extra bathroom and another bedroom for one of their children.

    Bespoke Norfolk Group needed to use carefully selected bricks laid in flemish bond and ornamental corbelling to match with the traditional style of the existing property and create a seamless blend. We are sure you will agree that the results are just stunning. Our clients have really put their own stamp on the property with the inclusion of aluminium glazed panel doors bringing vast light into the kitchen space and adding a striking design detail.

    Our clients found Bespoke Norfolk Group via social media and liked previous works completed. Although there were comparative quotes gathered, we were the chosen contractor as we were competitively priced, had a high standard of work and were able to start works swiftly.

    Whether you have some existing plans in place or are starting completely from scratch, please feel free to browse our portfolio and view our recent projects on social media, for inspiration. We offer free no obligation meetings and quotations, and can tailor a drawing package to suit and help you through planning permission if necessary.

    Bespoke Norfolk Group Drawing Package

    One thing that we feel sets us apart from other construction companies is our ability help you create an initial plan. If you have an idea in mind, but need some help with the execution, then you’ve come to the right place!

    Bespoke Norfolk Group have developed a ‘Drawing Package’ to cover everything you will need from preliminary drawings, working drawings, structural engineer design calculations and building control approval.

    In this blog – we take you through the process using a working example of a recent Drawing Package we completed for a client, to help explain the process better.

    Scoping it out.

    It starts with an initial meeting, so for this particular project our Director went out to meet the clients at Earlham Road in Norwich, to chat about their requirements, measure up the space and take some sketches & photo’s. From there we then come away to work on an estimate for what the project will include and what the client can expect this to cost.

    At this point our Drawing Package is offered, if accepted we will work through each stage of the drawing package, which is outlined below. Once the drawing package is complete, we will be able to offer the client a fixed price quotation. Clients are also free use their comprehensive drawings for their project to gather comparative quotes from other contractors if required.

    Every build is different, and for that reason, we have different packages. For example it may be that the build might need to include a traffic management plan, or there may be a party wall to consider which Bespoke Norfolk Group will take care of for planning submission.

    In this particular instance, the Drawing Package was accepted, which meant that Bespoke Norfolk Group were then able to spend time selecting the right architect to work with the client. Everyone has their own unique style and taste and we take great care to make sure that everything we plan and build is perfectly catered for, which is why choosing the right architect is so important.

    Based on the fact that we knew it was important to the client that their contemporary influences were met with the existing victorian heritage of the home, we selected the fantastic Howie Architects for our clients to work with, as we knew they would create a seamless blend.

    Working out the details.

    The architect then gets to work on designing the space required and producing preliminary drawings and dependent on the level of package taken out, this might include CGI drawings to visualise the space including various material options. These drawings also enable the client to have more accurate pricing before the project goes into planning permission.

    For this project in Norwich the clients plans include, removing the current conservatory and adding an extension to the back of the house, to make an open plan kitchen diner with island which then leads straight into the garden, via external steel effect bi-fold doors, which offer a really strong design element to the renovation.

    There will also be some internal works carried out to remove some internal walls and replace with glass doors with the aim of bringing a lot more light into the house, and also to renovate the cellar in the property, so that this becomes a more usable space for the family, such as an enviable out-of-sight utility space!

    At this point its normal for there to be some conversation back an forth between the architect whilst the client decides on specifics regarding materials and finer details, but when everything is decided, Bespoke Norfolk Group will then submit your plans into planning permission. These fee’s are included in the total package price and will mean that we take care of everything including liaising with the planning office on behalf of the client to make sure that the project goes through. The process takes around 8 weeks, and we pride ourselves on having a 100% success rate to date.

    Final Stages.

    After the planning application has been accepted, its back to the architect. So in this case, Howie Architects then produced working drawings or ‘building regulation’ drawings, and in the meantime we engaged our structural engineer to complete a survey and produce a structural design and once we have all of this information we then can finally provide a fixed price quotation – which because of our years of experience is always very close to the original estimate.

    When our client has this very detailed fixed quotation, they are welcome to gather comparative quotes or the next step is that we sign contracts and begin works!

    It’s worth nothing that although the drawing package is priced up at a fixed package fee, the payments are broken up into stages so that the client feels happy and comfortable at every stage. So for example first stage being for initial drawings, after that when submitting for planning, and once accepted, and the Working drawings and Structural Engineer design is complete, a final payment will be due.

    Get In touch.

    If you have a project in mind that you are in the early stages of, and feel you would benefit from some guidance, please get in touch and we can arrange for a meeting to see your space, discuss ideas and provide a free no obligation quotation. Simply click here to use our contact form today.

    If you’re looking for a builder in Norfolk, you Better Build Bespoke!

    New Build at Long Four Acre – Bracon Ash

    Finding the dream home can take a long time, and for our next clients – this is has been part of their plans for the best part of 30 years!

    In the 42 years they have spent together, our clients have lived in a few homes in the Costessey area of Norwich, have grown a business, had a family, and really the final piece in the jigsaw is for them to build their dream space.

    After many years searching for the perfect plot of land to build on and viewing beautiful barn conversions to adapt, they decided to engage local architects ‘LiV’ to work on designing their dream home as a starting point. Having spent a lot of time in various rental properties abroad, our clients have become enthusiasts of single storey, open plan living, and were keen to ensure that their plans matched that of their dream home.

    Working alongside Sasha from LiV Architects, the space they have created is outstanding. The open plan kitchen/diner really optimises on social spaces and the integration of eco friendly elements from PV panels on the roof to a Tesla powerwall have created a self-powered home. During the day, solar panels may produce more energy than a home uses. A Powerwall stores that excess solar energy and makes it available on demand, even after the sun has set. Along with triple glazing and rain water harvesting capability for use in the garden, this modern home is forward thinking.

    Vertical charred larch cladding with projecting fin detail, partial flintwork and zinc roofing and gutters to the exterior of the property combine a wonderful balance of contemporary with luxury.

    The house itself will be built on a plot of land called ‘Long Four Acres’ in Bracon Ash – something which piqued our clients interest whilst browsing Norfolk Magazine. Sat amongst 15 plots in total, they were attracted to the flexibility allowed with regards the design of the houses on the varying plots, and also the fact that services were already installed.

    Once they had their plans in place, our clients set about finding a contractor to take on the project. They met with a range of contractors from across the Norfolk region, and spent some time with Stuart from Bespoke Norfolk Group, talking through plans and visiting the sites of some of our other projects in progress before deciding that they had found the contractor for them.

    Knowing that they have always wanted to be very involved in the whole process of their build, they were reassured by the method with which Bespoke Norfolk Group operate. Our projects are assigned their own dedicated project manager to make sure it’s getting all the focus and attention it deserves, something which was very important to our client, as they have their own business to operate on a daily basis. “We chose Bespoke Norfolk Group for their professionalism, quality of work and their commitment to the project – every staff member we have met seems committed to the work they do”.

    This certainly is an exciting project for us. We’re roughly 3 weeks into this project now, and with our time-lapse camera set up on site, we’re looking forward to seeing how this amazing space progresses over the coming months – be sure to check back in for a progress update!

    Blackwood Norfolk – Renovating a luxury holiday let

    Tucked away in a beautiful secluded woodland location in West Runton, is one of our current renovation projections, soon to become a luxury holiday let.

    Bespoke Norfolk Group were contacted by the clients, Sarah and Daniel, to take their existing building and renovate it into what can only be described as a work of art. The project draws on scandi influences of minimalist design, and features a very striking black charred accoya cladding, hand sourced by the clients from Toasted Wood, based in Ireland.

    The interior works will feature a micro cement floor, light wood work and neutral palettes, all very in keeping with the clients inspiration sources such as Enki Magazine. Hoping they will be able to open for guests in October, there is still a fair amount to go on the project, but Sarah and Daniel are very much enjoying the process of seeing their vision come to life through Bespoke Norfolk; “It’s just the little details like our cladding, where it joins under the roof, any other contractor might have just run one length along because its underneath, no-one would know unless you looked closely, but Bespoke Norfolk have cut individual pieces to line up perfectly to each piece of cladding under the roof. Detail like that makes all the difference on a luxury property”.

    We’ve really enjoyed working on this space so far, and look forward to checking back in on the progress in the coming weeks.

    If you have plans you would like to discuss with us, feel free to fill in our contact form here and a member of our quotes team will be touch!

    Renovating a family home

    Renovating one of the coveted Victorian terraced houses in the Golden Triangle area of Norwich is no mean feat, so for our new clients, Lucy & John, we cannot wait to see their vision come to life. For the purpose of this blog, we join the project at two weeks into the renovation.

    John and Lucy have two children, and plan to renovate their space into something which is both functional and social. They currently have a slim kitchen and separate small conservatory which leads off from a different room of the house, which the children have used as a play room and refer to as the ‘cold room’, due to the age of the house.

    Their plans, brought to life by Howie Architects, include, removing the current conservatory and adding an extension to the back of the house, to make an open plan kitchen diner with island which then leads straight into the garden, via external steel effect bi-fold doors, which offer a really strong design element to the renovation. It was important to John and Lucy that they kept the character of the house, but that it was met with their modern influences.

    There will also be some internal works carried out to remove some internal walls and replace with glass doors with the aim of bringing a lot more light into the house, and also to renovate the cellar in the property, so that this becomes a more usable space for the family, such as an enviable out-of-sight utility space!

    When asked “Why Bespoke Norfolk” it turned out that we came recommended to John and Lucy through an acquaintance who had previously had internal works carried out by us, and although they had asked many builders in Norwich to quote for their project, they had chosen us for a number of factors, that in their opinion had tipped the scales in our favour; “We just had a really pleasant conversation with Stuart, the Managing Director of the company, who was able to share with us lots of options to spend the budget we had allowed for, it wasn’t a one size fits all approach, there was real flexibility. He had plenty of really great design suggestions that we hadn’t thought of that he could show us in real time on the iPad, that really made a difference to the space. It didn’t feel like we had a salesman in our house, it felt like he showed an interest and cared about what we wanted to create. I think for us, one of the main reasons as well was that communication was really clear. Everything has a really clear plan, a full oversight, a clear schedule and that was something we really needed.”

    We have shared some ‘before’ pictures, 3D drawings and progress pictures as the renovation has begun, and will check back in on John and Lucy in the coming weeks to see how this fantastic space progresses!

    If you have a space that you would like to renovate or extend, whether you have existing plans or none at all, we can help you at any stage, simply use our contact form here to get in touch today and start working on your dream!

    How do I get through Planning Permission?

    So, you’re thinking about either building, or extending your property, but you need planning permission and you have no idea where to begin? Don’t worry, it can be a very daunting process!

    If you are unsure whether or not you need planning permission, the basics are that generally, if you want to either build something new, make a major change to your building, or change the use of your building, you will need planning permission from your local authority.

    There are costs involved with applying for planning permission which are £462 for a new single dwelling and £206 for an extension. Your application will also need to include a signed ownership certificate for the land; a plan of the site; a block plan; elevations of the existing and proposed sites and a Design and Access statement.

    When making their decision, the local authority will take many factors into consideration before granting planning permission. These ‘material considerations’ include:

    • Design
    • Loss of privacy
    • Parking
    • Traffic impact
    • Noise
    • Listed buildings or conservation areas
    • Previous planning decisions
    • Disabled access
    • Government policy
    • Impact on nature
    • Time

    On the whole this process usually takes up to 16 weeks, and there can be objections from either the public or a councilor to contend with. If you are refused planning permission you can re-apply or appeal.

    Alternatively, if you are considering building your dream space with Bespoke Norfolk, we can take the hassle and stress out of this process for you with our drawing package. We enjoy working with a range of architects in Norfolk, purposely choosing to do this rather than bring it in-house, so that we can truly make the design bespoke to the client.

    For a fixed fee we will first instruct for an architectural survey of your property to take place on the property and we will discuss your requirements with one of our professional architectural technicians. After surveying your property, Bespoke Norfolk will produce preliminary drawings, taking in your requirements and offering two or more design options. These drawings are there to be adjusted as necessary and work on to make them exactly what you require.

    After this point we then work with planning officers to submit your drawings to the local authority. It’s important to note at this stage that Bespoke Norfolk have 100% success rate with applications we have submitted for our clients. Because we work in the trade, we know what will pass and what will be refused so we are able to offer you all of our advice along the way. With us, planning applications will take 8 weeks.

    After we receive your planning permission, we will then produce building regulation and working drawings which are then sent to building control for them to serve the initial notice and confirm our plans. Once we have working drawings, our structural engineer can then begin work on producing calculations for all steel, foundations, roof details and any other intricate details.

    All of this information allows Bespoke Norfolk to produce a fixed and detailed quotation for our client, with no stone unturned, so that there are no hidden ‘extras’ further down the line. The drawing package has been created to help our client move quickly through the build process, so that they are closer to living in their dream space.

    To find out more on how our drawing package can help you, fill out the contact form here and quotes team will be in touch! Our initial meetings are free, and they can be arranged either face to face or if preferred, we can arrange a virtual meeting.

    We look forward to hearing from you!