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Architects and Project Managers: Working Together to Build Your Dream Home

Architects and Project Managers. At Bespoke Norfolk Group in Kings Lynn, these two roles are incredibly important to any project we undertake. It’s not a stretch to say that the success of a project is only guaranteed when these two roles work well together. 

In this blog, we’re going to take a brief look at both of these job roles, what they each bring to the table, the importance of them being on the same page and how Bespoke Norfolk Group’s Design & Build Package is the best way to ensure your project is completed to the best possible standard. 


Architectural Design & Home Construction Management

To understand how these roles must work together, we have to know what skills and services each role must bring to the table. 

An architect will be the one to bring your vision to life on paper. They are vital to the planning stage, offering such services as preliminary drawings, architectural drawings, working drawings, structural engineering design calculations and building control approval. It is also their plans that will be passed on to your local council to be reviewed for planning permission (should you need planning permission). 

With a Project Manager, they are the person responsible for the overall management of your project. They also play an important role in the planning stage, as well as working to decided-upon budgets, timelines and scopes. When they’re not busy with all of this — not forgetting assigning tasks and offering support to their team — they are your point of contact for your project. They are the ones who will keep you updated on everything happening with your project. 


How to Guarantee Architects and Project Managers Will Work Together

Now we know what each role is responsible for, it’s no wonder these two will have to be on the same page. Unfortunately, this is harder to achieve than it should be. With such important tasks, sometimes the Architect and Project Manager will find it difficult to see eye-to-eye. This can then lead to tension, confusion and inefficiency – three things your home construction project can definitely do without. 

This is often a result of using multiple different contractors for your project. How do you completely bypass this potential disaster? You’d better build Bespoke


Bespoke Norfolk Group Design & Build 

Our Design & Build Package is the answer you’ve been waiting for. We work with only the best Architects and our team of Project Managers is second to none. The best part? Our preferred Architects and Project Managers have worked on countless projects together before. This allows them to be familiar with how each one operates and they know how to put their heads together to create something amazing. No miscommunications here. 



So, there you have it. At Bespoke Norfolk Group, we are very proud of both our team of Architects and Project Managers. As we mentioned before, we use only the best in the industry for all of our projects. 

Don’t believe us? We like to let our work speak for us. So, be sure to check out our case studies page on our website. There, you will see some of the most amazing projects that we have completed for our happy clients. 

If you’ve got a project in mind and would like to hear how Bespoke Norfolk Group could help, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.