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Adapting a home for disabled access

Whether you are creating a home from scratch or adapting an existing home, it’s important that you take the time to think about what you need from that home both now, and in the future.

For those who have a disability, it is incredibly vital that a home is both functional and comfortable and if you can merge both of those into something which is also aesthetically pleasing, then you could really improve quality of life.

Whilst this home may need to be accessible to disabled residents, it is also important that your home caters for the needs of everybody who lives there.

In this blog we look through some of the considerations when planning an adaptation of any kind.

An accessible home needs to be considered from the perspective of a wheelchair user or someone with impaired senses or cognitive ability. They will need to have extra space and not feel cramped in the home. Any new layouts should follow a simple navigation path and be as open plan as possible. Doorways should be wider-than-standard with flooring and thresholds flush to allow for free movement.

Consider also handles on doors. A lever is preferable as it doesn’t need to be twisted or gripped, however a more uncomplicated solution such as a key card entrance system could work really well.

In addition you will need to offer a really straightforward solution for access between a car and the house. Plenty of space will be needed for transitioning a wheelchair from a vehicle via a ramp, and then a gentle gradient pavement leading to the front door.

Integrated storage solutions throughout the rooms of the house are essential to allow for free movement for the resident and other guests.

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As mentioned earlier in the blog – a Bespoke Norfolk Group conversion is designed to cater for the needs of everybody living in the home, with the end goal being that those with reduced mobility feel they can use everything in the home just as freely as anyone else.

Bespoke Norfolk Group were chosen to convert a Norfolk home to make it more accessible for the entire family. A major part of these works included redesigning the ground floor to add new and improved living space for a member of the family and their carer.

The rooms we created included an accessible en-suite bedroom with attached therapy room – with all three spaces sporting a brand-new hoist system in place to aid with accessibility. The en-suite was redesigned as Wet Room, complete with hydrotherapy bath and changing bench. Along from the accessible bedroom, we designed a bedroom for the carer (which was also en-suite) and a carer’s duty room.

Flooring throughout the entire lower level of the building was adjusted to be perfectly flat. We also undertook extensive landscaping outside so that the internal and external ground was the same height and sat flush. Part of that work included lowering the external doors and widening internal door frames for extra wheelchair mobility.

On top of all this, the entire 1st floor of the home was renovated, with the lounge, kitchen, dining room, living room, WC and bathroom all receiving a fresh renovation for a more modern, practical living environment.

We know how important your conversion is, and we are here to help along the journey. To arrange a FREE no obligation meeting with one of our friendly professionals, simply fill out our contact form here and start your journey today!

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