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7 Questions to Ask Your Builder Before a Home Renovation

As an established construction company in Norfolk, we’ve heard just about every question you can think of to ask your builder regarding home construction. 

And our staff at Bespoke Norfolk Group in Kings Lynn are always more than happy to answer any questions that come our way. 

But some questions are better than others. We’ve already looked at some examples of these in our blog on questions to ask a builder before hiring them, and this time around, we wanted to go a bit more specific. 

So here are 7 questions to ask your builder before a home renovation. 


1. Do you have experience in my desired type of home renovation?

There is more than one type of home renovation.

A freshly renovated inside space

For example, our Norfolk home renovation service consists of:

  • Entire home renovations 
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Basement renovations 
  • Sympathetic renovations 
  • Barn renovations

So, straight from the start, you want to be sure that your builder can provide the home renovation project you have planned. 


2. Can I stay living in my house during a home renovation or will I need to find accommodation elsewhere? 

Most of the time it is perfectly fine for you to stay living in your home while renovation works are underway. 

But be warned that some builders may prefer to get the job done without having to work around people. 

A home renovation project in progress

This also is dependent on the extent of renovation work taking place – it may be easier for you and your family to seek temporary accommodation for a big project, or if it’s just one room under renovation, you should be fine. 


3. Do you specialise in home renovations?

Different builders in the UK may specialise in different areas of home construction. For example, one builder may only take on timber frame extension projects, whereas another may be an expert in period properties only. 

A property with a timber frame extension

Yet, like Bespoke Norfolk Group, some builders can specialise in multiple different construction projects

It may be better for your peace of mind to opt for building with someone who specialises in your type of project, but that isn’t always essential. 


4. Do you offer architectural services alongside your renovation work?

The architectural aspect of a home construction project is so important and isn’t an area you want to skimp out on. 

Some builders offer a start-to-finish service that allows them to offer every aspect of a project – from architectural drawings and the build to the final decorative touches. 

Just like our Norfolk-based construction company. We offer a design and build service that includes architectural work within your price. 


5. Have you completed a similar home renovation project to mine in the past?

As a customer, it’s always great to feel reassured. And one way of achieving this is to see proof that what you’re paying for is the real deal. 

After you’ve described your project to a builder, you could ask them if they have completed a similar project before.

For instance, if you asked us, Norfolk-based builders, to renovate your home to be bright, inviting and modern with a hint of rustic charm, we may show you this Norfolk home renovation in Wells-Next-The-Sea.

A renovated living room


6. How long does it take to complete a home renovation project? 

When you have a clear idea of what you want – such as a full home renovation or a bathroom renovation – you can ask your builder for a clearer timescale. 

To know how long a renovation may take, the answer will be dependent on the extent of work involved. But if time is important to you, it’s good to ask this question sooner rather than later. 


7. How will you keep my home protected during the project?

If you want your home remodelled, that means a lot of work needs to happen. Your home will practically turn into a building site. 

A newly renovated kitchen and dining area

This thought can be terrifying for a homeowner – you want to be assured that during the project your home and the things inside it are protected. 

Some builders may be able to tell you all about their property protection protocols, showing you just how professional they are. 


Final Thoughts 

When searching for reliable builders in the UK, asking questions is one of the best ways to ensure you make the right choice. 

Our construction company in Norfolk is made up of a team of experienced builders, project managers, architects, and directors, and we love answering questions. 

We know that a home renovation project is like any other home construction project – it works best when there is clear communication and transparency on both sides. 

Reach out to our Norfolk-based builders with your questions by contacting us today.